10 Minute Poem!

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  1. I had some free time during school to write a poem, it took about ten minutes for me to finish it up and edit. It isn't much, but hey why not share it?


    I don’t really have selfless answers,
    I don’t think anyone has one,
    I don’t think it’s bad,
    It’s just a reality of life,
    I don’t have to be sad,
    I don’t have to be sorry about it,

    It’s something that everyone does, right?
    Compassion, love, happiness, are just experiences
    That we humans feel,

    nothing special, nothing unique to us,
    nothing we’re are to idolize,
    But under the veil of a linear perspective,
    We are unable to see our own,
    Care for our own,
    Love for our own,

    Think of our own, let alone the others,
    Blinded by a veil of self-delusion
    that is life right, or what we’ve come to think of it.
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  2. @Iallcsz

    You wrote and edited that in only ten minutes? That's impressive. And the meaningfulness really speaks to me. I can say that I genuinely enjoyed reading this one, and reading it a second time inspired some creative thoughts. I thank you for that, because my muse has been weak lately.

    If you don't mind, I think I'd like to use this ten minute idea for one of my future poetry challenges. :] I haven't given myself a challenge like that since high school, so it would just be an all around awesome idea to use.
  3. Thanks, my english teacher made the whole class write a poem in ten minutes. Sure, you can use the idea if you want, it just sort of happened lol.