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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Flawed, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. Well hello there stranger.

    "My mother always said not to talk to strangers, but lets make this our little secret"

    I am new and still learning, so please understand if i make errors.
    My grammar skills are poor but my imagination is something i don't lack.

    I am Female that is addicted to her sugar and sweets.

    *slowly inserts a jelly bean into her mouth, chewing slowly, whilst glaring at you*

    Insomnia is my best friend.
    i am looking forward to creating and expanding a story with anyone.
    I am friendly and nice unless you touch my candy then well you are just asking for it.

    *repeats earlier action*

  2. Hallo there, Flawed! welcome to the community! :D
  3. Welcome, darling!

    Iwaku has many wonderful people and exciting threads awaiting you!
    I hope you enjoy your experiences here!

    I'm Nica, by the way, nice to meet you.
  4. Welcome! This place has been great to mw so far, very lenient, considering I've been stuck away from home. Great people, interesting stories, and more. Hope you enjoy your stay here and that we can rp sometime together. ^_^
  5. Thanks for all your greetings :D
    Still kinda getting my head around the layout, but beside that i am ♥'n it.
    An Lycaon i might take you up on your offer :3 if its still on the table.
  6. Of course it is. ^_^ Hopefully I'll be home in the next couple days. It should be a very eventful homecoming. Haha
  7. Be looking forward to the time we can rp then.