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  1. the basic plot is that After losing their parents a girl and her little brother move from one relative to another. Fed up with the constant moving, The older sister decides to quit school and find a job to support her brother herself. While she sits on the park bench contemplating her situation, she suddenly finds her teacher standing in front of her. Surprisingly, their encounter ends with a marriage proposal and her teacher's promise to support and take care of her and her little brother. Is he serious or just playing around...!? I was thinking she could be like 16 or so and they live with her teacher in his apartment and they have to keep their "marriage" a secret though they aren't actually married since she's under-aged right now. I was also hoping whoever played her could play the little brother, whom they both dress up in cosplay for him when he gets back from teaching at the school she goes to since he gets back later usually since he's the teacher, and he won't cook dinner unless she wears the cosplay and waits for him at the door for when he gets home. I would be playing the teacher.
  2. I can play the female and the little brother of you're still looking! Shoot me a PM ^^