{1 x 1 With Techno and Nassione} Journey's Edge: Man Vs machine

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  1. On October 26th, 2250, Humanity was attacked by a species of warmind like machines called The Inheritors. Due to the attacks on Earth, Mars, The Moon and Asteroid Belt colonies, Humanity had decided to move out of the solar system and become s race of space-faring nomads. Over 130 years, they had militarized themselves and their ships, but The Inheritors had done the same. They had sent a call through the galaxy to all advanced sentient life that they were coming, and that they would tear their worlds apart if they did not comply. Humanity had only one resource left that could ensure their survival...


    Vanguards were armored soldiers that went into battle with one goal in mind: Get the job done for Humanity. They had made several militarized ships along with other civilian and patrol ships. Vanguards lashed out at The Inheritors menace and drove them out of Earth; but The Inheritor threat still laid across the galaxy, and even on some of Humanity's greatest resources; Mars, The Asteroid Belt, and The Moon all belong to the Inheritors. The Vanguards first orders of business are to take them back.

    The year now is 2385 and Earth has fully recovered from it's crushing defeat at the hands of the Inheritors. The Inheritor thread is widespread around the Milky Way and the Solar System. The capitol warship Judgement is currently estimating that 89% of the Milky Way galaxy is held by The Inheritors, and that the percentile that is not held is foreign and alien space. Humanity currently holds only Earth, and all of its flagships, capitol ships and liveships.

    The fight for Humanity's survival begins with Judgement and its crew, docked on Earth, taking in and training new recruits...

    The newest members of Judgement's crew was settling in its massive hangar awaiting orders from their new commanding officers. Before them, eleven armored figures approached them, unarmed and looking ready for business. They were judges; the highest ranking of vanguards, the best of the best.
    "Welcome to the court." One of the judges said. "Let us begin your Judgement." They continued as they examined the thousands of potential vanguards. As this was going on, shuttles were dropping off droves of new recruits, among them, the potential saviors of Humanity.
  2. Standing in the hanger awaiting any orders Lilith touched up her armor. She had upgraded herself earlier to help her in close combat situations. Being in the military her nearly her entire life certainly put a different perspective on life compared to what she saw as a child. Looking down at the well polished dog tags and was eager to see what the future would bring her. Maybe one day she will locate her bitch of a mother? . Shaking her head and sighed and went back to focus on the task at hand.
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  3. Out of the shuttles, crowds of recruits poured out onto the docking area where Judgement was seated. The commotion could be heard from within the outer rooms of the ship as well as the hangar. The Judges were still examining the droves of candidates. Several of them were getting positive remarks from the Judges, while others were immediately declined of service. One of the Judges departed and approached Lilith. "Ms. Cifer, I would like for you to examine some of these... Candidates. You've been in service long enough to know what a good soldier looks like." He said as he began to walk away. The Judge that spoke to her was clearly a busy individual, and his armor reflected, littered with nicks, dents and scars from combat. He turned to face her. "Every vanguard tells a story. What will you tell?" He then walked into a passage and out of sight.
    After setting down, the shuttle doors opened. Dalan was able to clearly see what all of the hype was about. There were hundreds of thousands of applicants, and Dalan knew that only a handful of them wuld be accepted. He walked through the docks and stepped onto the hangar to get a better look at the recruits. He did not expect for the Judges to be out and about the ship, as they usually tended to the senior and higher ranking vanguards. He looked at his chest and then at his arms. His suit was still relatively undamaged, a sign of worth among vanguards; but he knew the truth of why his record was so clean. He was reckless in combat, and emotionally unstable. He shook off the thoughts and leaned against the hanger bay wall, awaiting orders.
  4. Lilith was about to respond to the judge, but he was gone as quickly as he gave the orders. Taking a long relaxing breath. "This is fantastic..." she mumbled as she walked through the recruits. She had not done this before. Many of the new recruits looked rather lost or nervous. It was sad that most of them had no confidence in themselves. She took her helmet off and carried it under her arm.

    Approaching one young man she looked him over he looked to be shivering. Shaking her head she moved to the next one.
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    Most of the recruits were your standard scared kid that wanted to do something other that sit on a liveship their entire life, while some of them looked like they could be truly worthy of being a vanguard. The 10 remaining Judges herded swaths of them into training rooms, armories and depots; all with a reason, their resumes. A vast majority of the recruits filled their resumes with all bark and no bite quality, but the ones that were legitimate actually stood a chance. Shuttles outdoors ceased to bring in recruits and their escorts, and the recruiting process would be over by noon.
    Dalan still rest on the wall, awaiting orders when one of the Judges departed and Dalan approached him. "Do you have any work for me to do?" He asked. "I mean, there's really no point in wearing this armor if I don't do anything in it." The Judge pondered the question. She stopped walking and looked Dalan straight in the eye. "After all of the recruits are gone we are going to raid The Moon. We need a key tactical position; but it is heavily fortified with troops, shields and bulwarks. You think you can handle it soldier?"
    "I know I can."
    "Good. then you have no reason to fail. I will see you along with your fellow soldiers at briefing." She said as she walked into one of the depots that recruits were being herded into.
  6. After doing her rounds, her nerves relaxed a little so little of the recruits were selected. It brought back memories of when she was selected. Admittedly she was a special case, after her mother packed up and left the military took her in because of her fathers background and will if upon his death they would take young Lilith in than leave her with her mother. Finding herself being excused the young woman walked across to a quiet armory where she started to adjust her helmet slightly.

    Knowing of a briefing soon she intended to be there on time with no delays on the way. All of the selecting was completed and Lilith headed to the briefing room. It appeared she was rather early. Not minding the fact she leaned on the back wall staring at her dog tags around her neck. One was rather old the other was her own.
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