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    [BCOLOR=transparent]Welcome to my search everyone, first I must humbly apologize to all my partners as of late because it seems that I have almost completely forgotten about my roleplay requests, I am really really sorry about the mishap and hope we can continue roleplaying if you aren’t too busy. That being said let me introduce myself I am the roleplayer known as Kakikomi or simply known as Kiko, I am a twenty year old college student who will be starting college in a mere two weeks (I think it’s two weeks, but I’m not that sure because college schedules are so confusing, one moment you are taking like three to five classes and the next moment you aren’t taking any at all you fill up all your time with roleplaying that you forget that you have a social life and)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]ANYWAY, sorry about all of that nonsensical rambling and what not, I tend to be a bit of a worry wart and worry about things that haven’t happened yet so I with that in mind I tend to get off track a lot during our roleplay so a gentle nudge in the right direction works wonders. One more tiny bit of information before I list my rules and what not, my computer is brand new and seems to be quite spastic, so I might make minor spelling and grammar errors, you have a problem, let me know and I’ll try to fix it, also some people to thank @Sansa Stark and @The Mood is Write, and our fabulous owl lover and owl herself @Diana for teaching me how to do a proper one x one search without making it a total and utter mess with bumps everywhere and blah blah, I LOVE YOU ALL![/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Darn it I'm off track once again, okay *takes a deep breath*, if that giant wall of useless text hasn't throw you off, let's get down to business.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]I am currently doing a roleplay for around 2 and a half years now which is impressive by my standards. I am currently looking for some more partners to satisfy my cravings till I return to school on the 15th of next month. My name is Kiko and I'm a twenty year old roleplay addict who attends college sometimes.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Basic Information[/BCOLOR]
    • Beginner to Intermediate level of writing (around a paragraph to three paragraph though they have been slightly shorter lately)
    • willing to use anime or real pictures for characters and layouts (this depends whether or not the roleplay in over the iwaku conversation system or the thread system)
    • never ditching (I will not ditch my partner and will ask if we could try something else and if not we leave on pleasant terms, if you have not responded I will message you once and if I do not get a response within a week then I assume that you have either A) lost the message or B) have decided not to reply back and will stop asking)
    • romance is something I enjoy in my roleplays (but it is not required). I can do straight > yuri > yaoi roleplays in that order and will double characters
    • Fandoms can be either canon x oc or canon x canon x oc x oc. I'm willing to do crossover and if I know a fandom we can even try to do a crossover between two of them (I have done a Final Fantasy x Mass Effect crossover before and have enjoyed it quite well). I currently don't know which fandoms I would enjoy doing but we can discuss this
    • If you wish for samples, please let me know.
    [BCOLOR=transparent]What I suspect from my partner[/BCOLOR]
    • tell me your limits, what you don't want in the roleplay, or what genres you don't want to do. (Some people don't have roleplay resume so it is difficult for me to decide on the roleplay if I do not have enough information on my partner)
    • I am not active all the time but as I said before a word of warning beforehand works wonders, I will let people know often if I am not going to be online or not.
    • please send all roleplay request to me over pm (I normally don't check this forum, so you might miss me)
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Special Facts[/BCOLOR]
    • I precreate my characters during the roleplay and any character I use in a roleplay (I place in my character album)

    Monstergirls / Fantasy
    Vampire x Anything
    Demon Girl x Anything
    Kitsune x Anything
    Werewolf x Anything
    Witch x Werelock
    Spider Girl x Anything
    Demon Queen x Anything
    Demon King x Gypsy

    Vampire Healer x Sickly Princess
    Neko x Anything
    Hellhound x Werewolf
    Hellhound x Anything
    Chesire Cat x Anything
    Enchanted Doll x Creator★ Grim Reaper x Ghost
    Grimm Fairytale Characters
    Dragon x Knight
    pregnant creature x mate / scientist / anyone
    Sickly person x fallen angel / goddess / demon / vampire / doctor / woman/man that he/she loves / nurse

    Alien x Human
    Naga x Hunter
    Imaginary Friend x Creator
    Fallen Angel x Human
    Supernatural Hunter/Partner
    Supernatural Hunter/Client
    Medevil / Historical
    Princess / Prince x Knight / Princess / Guard / Demon / Dragon Slayer
    Spoiled Princess/Working-class girl
    Samurai x Female Samurai / Geisha / woman he is an arranged marriage with / female samurai / general's daughter
    master x slave
    Geisha x Apprentice / Demon / Vampire

    Victorian Era
    Ice Queen/Fire King
    Ice Queen/Ice Warrior
    Dragon King/Human Queen
    Dragon Rider/Dragon
    Dragon Queen/Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Queen/Dragon Guard
    Slice of Life / Modern

    gang or malia member x pregnant girlfriend / gay boyfriend / boyfriend / another gang member / daughter of a man who owes the gang a lot of money / singer / band members
    Celebrity x manager / paparazzi / agent / producer / adult film star / girlfriend or boyfriend that the fans don't know about / unknown number one fan / retired celebrity / rival coworker
    principal's daughter x rebel boy / gang member / troublemaker / shy guy / rival
    circus performer x circus performer / ringleader / new help / cook / tightrope walker / injured performer
    bride x soon to be husband / rival bride / ex-boyfriend / man who only wants to marry said bride for sex and ex-has to save her / pirate / demon husband / pregnant maid of honor / or bride is pregnant
    Teenage Pregnancy

    Arranged Marriage
    FBI Agent/Protect Witness
    Singer/Band Manager
    Band Member/Band Member
    Country Girl/Country Boy/girl
    Country Girl /City Boy/girl
    City Girl /Country Boy/ girl
    Normal Girl /Gang Member
    Dancer /Normal Guy
    Dancer /Jock of Any Sport
    Video Games
    Fallout 4
    Dragon Age / Origins / II / Inquisition

    Kingdom Hearts
    Mass Effect
    Final Fantasy / X / XII / X-2 / XIII

    Movies / Books
    Harry Potter
    Percy Jackson
    Hunger Games

    T.V Shows
    Once Upon A Time
    Breaking Bad
    Doctor Who

    Muse A and friends rent a room at a beachfront hotel. It’s super convenient that said room is on the first floor because they can simply toss the beach umbrellas and chairs over the balcony rail after a long day of baking in the sun and sand. Muse A gets back to the room first and plays catcher as friends toss up items over the balcony rail, but they can’t account for their friends’ poor aim. When a frisbee sails over to the neighbor’s balcony, Muse A decides to climb over and retrieve it before anyone notices. Of course, as Muse A gets halfway over the rail, Muse B, the hottie next door, steps out onto their balcony and catches Muse A trespassing.

    Muse A and Muse B have known each other since middle school. They were best friends then- secretly crushing on one another all the while. However, when the two began high school, Muse A went one way, and Muse B went another. Over the summer of their junior year, they reconnect, and as different as they are on the outside, they still feel the same on the inside. The biggest difference is that they are no longer afraid of their feelings for each other. There’s just one problem- Muse A will be moving out of state/country, come autumn. Despite the odds stacked against them, the two decide to make a long distance relationship work - for better or for worse. Will frequent phone conversations and video chat dates be enough to keep their love alive until they can see one another face-to-face again?

    This plot is related to Pokemon
    This town has been nothing more than boring as long as Muse A has lived here. Not even Pokémon GO, a game lauded for it’s ability to encourage social interaction, has changed much of anything around town. Sure, a few of the high school students have picked it up, but it doesn’t seem to be the obsession here that it is everywhere else. Muse A definitely doesn’t mind; less people playing means less competition for rare Pokémon and less opposition for their hold on the town’s only gym.
    Muse B is new to town, moving there right before Pokémon GO was released. Between unpacking and settling in, Muse B hasn’t had much of a chance to do anything besides downloading the game onto their phone. Eventually, they get so restless that they aren’t playing the game that they can’t wait anymore, and take to the streets of the sleepy town in the middle of the night, walking the length of it to find every stop and Pokémon they can. After they discover the gym, they stop and set up a lure at a stop near their new house, not yet ready to return home.

    That same night, Muse A can’t sleep and ventures out towards the gym, checking in with a few stops along the way to collect supplies. They are shocked to find a lure around the last one – all the high school players are surely home this late at night. They are distracted, frowning down at the unfamiliar username as they forget to watch where they are walking, completely missing Muse B sitting on the ground.

    So begins the relationship between Muse A and Muse B. Is Muse A glad to have a fellow hunter or do they resent the new competition? Do the two continue to bond over their late night Pokémon adventures or do they become fierce rivals? Is Muse B on the same team as Muse A, or does this chance meeting spark an intense competition for ownership of the gym?

    Daire and Bear ran for a while, until she felt like she'd run all her anger and frustration out of her, and until Bear started slacking in keeping up. She hooked his leash onto his collar and walked the rest of the way home. What strands of hair had fallen out of her bun stuck to her sweaty face, she was covered in sweat beads. If anyone had seen her they'd think she just left the gym, but really she'd just been running. It helped though, almost all of the time and she hadn't shifted half way through her run which was a total improvement. When they reached the house, Darie let Bear go and he darted up the stairs and to the door, once inside he headed towards his water bowl and she headed back to the bathroom where she peeled off her running clothes and climbed into the shower and took a quick shower. When she was finished she headed into her bedroom and after drying off pulled on a bra and undies and walked back to the bathroom where she took a while to dry her hair, using a towel and a blow dryer just to make sure that it wasn't really damp when she went out. Daire wasn't really a fan of damp hair. When she was satisfied she ran a brush through it getting the tangles out and parted it off to the side a little, and went back to her bedroom where she pulled on her outfit for the day. When she was fully ready, a little bit of make up on and she had her things she headed for the living room.

    It was weird being here she didn't honestly have that much to do since she worked nights. Most of the time she spent outside or as often as she possibly could anyways, but really with this weather she didn't like being outside all that much, even if she didn't get that cold. Daire had never been a fan of cold weather, though she absolutely loved Christmas. She already had all her decorations up, including her medium sized tree, with some presents wrapped and spread out neatly underneath them. This would be her third Christmas alone and honestly she wasn't really looking forward to it. She missed having family around, sharing the memories with the people she loved, as much as she hated to say it she even missed having Clay around, or at least someone that she loved and loved her back. She was a huge family person, even though she hadn't had any family growing up. The pack, Clay's pack had taken her in and they'd been the first real family that she'd ever had, and she'd loved spending time with them and really did miss them, but to maybe bad memories there. She couldn't be around Clay and she was over him, and what they'd shared, but what person didn't get a little lonely during the holidays? Especially around Valentine ’s Day she pretty much despised that day now. She'd sit around and eat junk food and watch movies, if she wasn't working. Life could actually be lonely sometimes and thanks to Clay she'd have a very lonely life for a very long time. Sighing softly she picked up her keys and started for the door. "Be a good boy while I'm gone." She said as Bear met her at the door. She scratched his head softly and watched him walk into the living room and stretch out. She'd worn him out after their run.

    Daire locked up her house and walked down the stairs to her beautiful Ford Mustang that sat parked in her drive way. This car was her baby, she'd bought it in a junk yard several years ago and had worked on it herself, the inside was perfectly put together, and she'd brought it over with her from the States. No way in hell had she been able to part with her car. She'd built it from the ground up, and loved it. It was so sleek and sexy looking. Climbing into the driver’s seat she pulled on her seat belt and slid the key into the ignition and smiled as it roared to life. The sound was like music to her ears. She backed out of the drive and headed towards town. Daire didn't have any real plans at the moment, or a destination. She just couldn't sit in the house all day. She was the kind of person that had to keep moving, needed to keep herself busy. She was actually thinking about picking up a day job. She knew there was a garage in town that was looking to hire, and she loved to work on cars, there was just something so relaxing about it. The smell of oil and gas too it was a strange habit she'd picked up. She'd learned everything about cars from her first foster father. He'd been a really good man they'd spend hours in the garage together fixing up cars and what not. That had been her favorite family, but then her foster father had gotten sick and passed away and her foster mother had kind of fallen off the deep end, so she'd been sent back to the home. Over the years she'd make sure to keep fixing cars, to remember her first real father. He'd have been so proud of the car she was driving.

    Before she even realized it, Daire was pulling into the parking lot of the garage that she passed every day on her way to the bar. She parked near the door and got out and headed inside the bell above the door dinged as she headed inside. An older fellow was sitting behind the counter and looked up with a kind smile. "Can I help ya darlin?" He asked her kindly and she nodded her head. "I saw you guys were hiring and I need another job. I'm free all day, so I thought I'd stop in fill out an application." She said, the man eyed her for a few seconds, taking all of her in. "Why would a girl like you, want a job here?" He asked her seriously and she stepped off to the side and pointed to her car. "Because that is what I like to do to pass my time. I built that car from the ground up, would you like to see what I've put under the hood?" She asked the man who shook his head. "No miss, I wouldn't. That's a beauty. Just fill this out and wait a minute." He said as he slid off his chair and headed into the back. Daire filled out the short application. She didn't exactly have a degree for this, but she could tear an engine apart and put it back together without even reading instructions. This surprised a lot of people. How often did you find a woman who didn't mind getting some grease on their hands and clothes? Not often. It wasn't long before the man returned with a younger man who was wiping his hands on a towel. "You're looking for a job?" He asked as he picked up her application and read over it for a few seconds, every so often he would look up at her, her eyes lingering for a few seconds. "Yes sir. I know my way around a garage, I can start simple if you want. Cleaning, organizing, and taking calls and messages, computer work. Stuff like that, whatever it takes to gain your trust." She said with a soft sigh. The man nodded his head. "No offense but we don't really hire girls around here." He shrugged, and she felt the anger flare in her stomach and had to bite back a growl.

    "My friend here says you built that yourself? May I look?" He sat the paper down and she nodded and lead him outside to look under the hood of her car. She felt like she was under expectation here, though she kind of expected it. He was under the hood for a while, when he finally did come out he whistled and carefully closed the hood down, a smile on his face. "Tell you want Miss Santos, you come in on Monday and we'll see what you can do. We can start out simple and you can work your way up." He said and stuck out his hand and she shook it. "Thank you. I really appreciate it." The man nodded his head and went back inside as she climbed into her car feeling kind of proud of herself. Finally another job she'd been looking for a while, but she hadn't wanted to work in a restaurant or with clothes. Daire hated shopping and no way in her life could she ever work in fashion, the thought made her want to puke. Pulling out of the garages parking lot she headed towards down town. She wasn't really sure where she was going again, or what she wanted to do now. Maybe she'd stop and eat some lunch? She wondered what the pack was up too also. Maybe someone would want to go and do something? She was still getting use to things around here, some people were still new to her, and she still wasn't exactly sure where she stood with everyone. Being the newest to the pack, she wasn't sure if she'd gained everyone's trust fully yet.
    Patch Notes

    8/11: Sample added + bolded pairings interested in
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  2. Gang member x pregnant girlfriend sounds intriguing, I'd be more than up for it if you'll have me :)
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  3. sure, please message me but the last time you hardly responded and it kind of annoyed me.
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  4. Still Searching <3
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  5. Still Searching and Updated <3
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  6. I like monster girl/monster boy RPs if you're up for whatever! I'd probably use Celes and she's fairly versatile as an 'Anything', assuming you're more interested in playing the former.

    Some things I'd eyeball for pairings, along with some small ideas, if you like anything lemme know:

    Spider Girl x Anything (using silk to make some pretty clothing - Celes is an avid seamstress)
    Demon Girl x Anything (in which Celes is a nun and is taunted a lot)
    Fallen Angel x Human (more spiritual drabbling)
    Werewolf x Anything (trying to help poor werewolf get through the night; she's in little physical danger herself)
    Kitsune x Anything (escalating prank war?)
  7. Hey girlll!!! I'm interested to roleplay with you the moment I get back to my homeland!

    I like all of your ideas, besides the monsters and fandom!

    I'd like to do either a modern or historical or both!

    Just tell me which you've been craving the most!!!
  8. Hey! I saw your ad and I'm interested and willing! :D I'm actually interested in a majority of what you got up. Especially the monster girls.
  9. Spider girl sounds good
    Sorry that doesn't really helps me with what you want to do. Since a lot of the pairings I'm craving
    would you mind messaging me, and explain a bit more what you wanted to do?
  10. Message me xD
  11. Im intrestead in some of your plots.
  12. Salutations, I'm rather interested in the following pairings;
    — Geisha x Apprentice / Demon / Vampire.
    — Vampire Healer x Sickly Princess.
    — Ice Queen x Ice Warrior.

    I'm keen on a Harry Potter plot, if all the above aren't what you currently crave.

    Do reply if you're interested, I'll message you at once.
  13. I already said that I didn't want to roleplay with you because we wouldn't match up in my other search.
    Geisha x Apprentice / Demon / Vampire works good.
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  14. Was there another search?
  15. yes there was, two of them and you replied to both. and sent me a message.
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