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    I have so many plots I want to do, just not enough partners ;~;
    I guess I should tell you about me~

    Who are you? (open)
    Who are you?
    I'm Axy! I'm a student who is studying science. I've been roleplaying since I was in my young teen age. I am studying a lot but when I'm not I'll be; Roleplaying, reading, playing the piano or sleeping. My main passions are astrophysics, music, forensic science, Roleplaying and modern history.

    Roleplay info (open)

    About your roleplay?
    I sometimes take ages to reply. If you expect speed of light, I can only offer once a day if I end up with loads of partners. I usually prefer MxM, except for some plots. I'm very diverse and there are only like, three types of character I won't play. I love OOC chat! Discussing characters, plot ways and our lives is the best way to make friends! I love writing, so about 1-4 paragraphs is what I prefer. I will literally cry if I plot a RP out with you and you just disappear. Don't do this to Axy :c.
    Need more info? Check out my resume!

    Fandom List (open)

    If you spot a plot and/or fandom you like, tell me! I usually enjoy AU's with canon characters! [*= I would enjoy this the most]
    TOS Star Trek
    Dexter [Season 1/2]
    The Walking Dead**

    24 [season 1-5] **
    BBC Sherlock***
    Doctor Who
    Jurassic Park
    Kingsman [The movie]
    Person of Interest******
    It isn't a fandom but, as you can tell I'm big on science/space. Think of a plot that is to do with scientists and astronauts, I'm probably interested!***

    - I take up to a week to reply, I'm a science student and I have a demanding amount of work constantly. I'd like you to reply at least once a week, but I'd rather wait two weeks for an awesomely written reply than 10 minutes for 2 lines of rushed reply.
    - Smut is 110% encouraged (+Kinks!) provided you are a teen! None of that bathroom/bestiality business.
    -Possible heavy subject matter, like Abuse is possible. Please tell me if you have any triggers!
    - A paragraph of reply is nice.
    - No GM blah blah no one liners yadda yadda.

    (In Blue - My preferred role.)

    UPDATED - 21/02!

    Dared (open)
    (MxM, high school, bullying, possible smut.)
    Character A is the popular type in high school, with a lot of friends and plays sport. He has a major but secret thing for Character B, a geeky, quiet kid. One day, A and his friends are joking around, playing dares. Unlucky for A, he’s dared to talk to B and flirt with him. A uses this chance to finally talk to B, who is easily flustered by A’s charm. After A continues to talk to B, they get together secretly. Until B finds out that it was all a joke, not believing A when he says he actually liked him.

    It's okay to cheat (open)
    (MxF, MxM, FxF, Doubling, Smut, cheating, secrecy.)
    Character A and Character B are married. They're best friends and have been for a long time. All seems perfectly normal. Except for the fact they're both homosexual. A is a gay man who is seeing Character C, his lover. Character B is dating Character D, who are both lesbians. They know about this and married for a different reason other than love, (Homophobic parents need pleasing, Gay marriage is illegal, a possible historical setting where homosexuality is against the law.)

    Learn your place{Reserved} (open)
    (MxM, Possible BDSM, Dom/Sub Dynamics, smut.)
    Character A is oh so badass. He thinks he’s the king of badassery; sleeping around, being a class clown, dressing like a delinquent. That’s all well for him until he has a one night stand with another, taller, darker, even more badass guy; character B. Character B is much older and cooler, making Character A discovering his much more submissive side.

    Lab Love (open)
    (MxM, Genetic modification, angst, smut, (possible) age gap.)
    Character A was created. Not born, but artificially grown by the government. Until he was 15, he was kept in a facility that tried to keep his life as ‘normal’ as possible. When he is no longer useful, they put him onto the streets. Character B finds A and finds the boy odd, but rather cute. He takes in the boy and looks after him. Once he finds out about A’s past, he helps him discover life.

    The Money Problem{Reserved} (open)
    (MxM, MxF, FxF, Kidnapping, Violence, Dubcon, smut.)
    Character A is a school kid who has the wealthiest parents. One day, A finds out their dad is a fraud and has been taking money off another business person, Character B. Character B wants their money back, but when they go to A’s home, finding A, they decide they don’t need the money and will have them. A is technically sold by their parents to B, who now owns A.

    The father and the friend (open)

    (MxM, MxF, Age Difference, Smut, Blackmail, secrecy.)
    Character A and B sleep together after a night of drunk clubbing. All seemed fairly reasonable until A woke up to see who they slept with; their friend's father! B wakes up to see a teen in his bed and freaks out. Both cannot deny their attraction to each other. Can they keep it a secret? Will they continue to see eachother?

    The musical madness (open)

    (MxM, Historical, Mental Illness, Angst, possible smut.)
    In the 1700's, a young, broke composer tries to get through life. When Character A's pieces finally get on tour, the plague of the need for perfection infects him. Character B, a musician in A's orchestra gets close to the composer. B has to try and keep A from de-railing as they tour the musical world together.

    Take me through time (open)

    (MxM, Historical, Mental Illness, Angst, Time-Travel.}
    Character A's time machine worked! He travels through time, keeping his secret to himself. A doesn't care if he's just invented possibly the best invention in the history of time, he just wants to see it! When he finds himself, stranded in the mid 1800's, an eccentric inventor, Character B comes to the rescue. When they get close, A explains who he is to B, but B is not terrified, he's amazed and wants to travel with him. Can A leave B behind, or do they travel time together?

    Hospital Hate (open)
    (FxF, MxF, angst, Clinical, smut, BDSM.)
    Character A is the clinical lead of a hospital. Character B is a lead nurse. They both dislike eachother a lot. When A continues to demine and demoralise B and their staff, B has no patience left. [possible love/hate relationship.]

    Take me away {Reserved} (open)
    (MxF, FxF, Sci-fi, angst, fluff.)
    Character A is minding their own business as a doctor in a top secret government building. They work on experimenting on humans. One night, Character B breaks loose, one of the experiments. They find character A, and uses them to escape from the building. A has no choice. The two soon become wanted criminals. Do they form a bond?

    If you're interested - Tell me the plot you're interested in and we can get talking! Any questions, ask!
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  2. *seductive bump*

    Don't lie surely one of these plots is worth it!
  3. I Won't Tell and Ballroom Beauty look interesting! :D
  4. Thank you! If you'd like to start one up please go ahead and PM me and we can discuss it!^^
  5. Ahahaha, Unstereotypical Love sounds awesome! PM 'bout that whenever ^_^"
  6. you're toxic and dare and difficulties all look amazing but I can't choose >.<
  7. Hey, PM me about that when you decide!:D
  8. P.S - Two new plots yay.
  9. Long Distance Love sounds wonderful ^^
  10. Awesome! When you'd like, shoot me a pm and we can discuss it!
  11. Bump because I would love more partners

    //So greedy\\
  12. I got some FxF plot ideas.
  13. Awesome! Hit me up with them over PM when you get the chance!
  14. One last bippity boppity bump, since some of my favourite plots are still open!
  15. Hi. I'd be interested in Long Distance or Difficulties (for fxf) if you're interested.
  16. Awesome! Shoot me a PM if you decide on one! c:
  17. Ballroom beauty and spaghetti sounds the best to me. :3
  18. Awesome! Hit me up with a PM if you'd like!
  19. Edit: I've added three plots and so,e interesting genres I want to try o-o
  20. @Axy *looks around* Eh, I really like Un-Stereotypical Love...>.> I don't really think I can do smut though, if that's okay >.< (I know, it's lame) but, I don't mind doing MxM :3 *crosses fingers in hopes to get the rp* :D
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