1[x]1 Knight RP Partner Request [Female partner 17+ required]

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  1. Omega here with a new 1[x]1 Partner request. Thought I'd go with a knight idea. I'd like the female love interest to be someone of high nobility.

    I'll put up the character sheet. After I accept a partner, I'll discuss plot with them further.

    Sir Vincent Maxim (open)

    2278331-sterkenburg_cranach.jpg Saber_of_red_armour2.png
    Name:Sir Vincent Maxim
    Age: 26
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Light Brown
    Title: Freelance White Knight
    Vincent was always a good soldier, but wasn't very good at taking orders. He was a knight fighting by the king's side for ten years of his life. After disobeying orders, even if it led to a successful mission, his place among the King's knights was taken away. Though he was no longer a knight under the king, his knighthood remained. Two years later and Vincent is now a Freelance knight, fighting for anybody who needs his service. He stays mostly in his home City, Sharia. Sharia is the walled city surrounding the castle, and serves as the capital of the kingdom of Tamrin. Vincent saved up his wealth as a knight, and after getting himself a decent home, above a blacksmith, stopped requesting payments for his actions. He now lives by the charity of those he serves.

    Other details of my character will be discussed or developed over time.​
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  2. Ill give it a shot for you. I have a female Princess in mind.
  3. Post a CS first.
    Edit: Could I have confirmation of your gender? I prefer to only RP with females using female characters. Also, if we did RP, I cannot write as many paragraphs as you have in your RP resume. I can type 1 large paragraph AT MOST per post.
  4. Ahh, Ok I am searching for someone that can post abit more than a paragraph. I personall write between thee to four paragraphs a post if its in a rp that I can get moving in. Good luck alright.
  5. Still looking for a partner
  6. Show Spoiler

    Name:Princess Adelina
    Age: 23
    Hair: White
    Eyes: Light Blue
    Title: Princess
    Bio: Born in the neighboring kingdom she was brought up with many gifts and opportunities. She was taught about her people and how helping them out was important. She is gentle and kind unlike her noble older cousins. She wishes sometimes she was just known by what she can do and not by her title. She doesn't like to be spoiled too much by others.
  7. Accepted. Do you use PM or Skype?
  8. yes i do use pms :)
  9. no Skype?
  10. no skype the computer im on is crappy sorry lol
  11. No it's fine. We can PM. I'm going to PM you the starter in a bit. If I don't get to it tonight, it will be the first thing I do tomorrow morning.
  12. Just a warning. It's against the rules of the forum for anyone under the age of 18 to participate in roleplays with sexual content with someone who is over the age of 18, regardless of whether or not it is on the forums or through PMs.
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  13. Tis why I start the RPs, but don't do smut until the moment I roll over in June. My partners all understand that. And so do several staff members. This thread is being archived anyway, so it doesn't matter.
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