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  1. Blake Everly is a handsome Twenty-three year old man. His whole life has been able to see and talk to spirits. At the age of nineteen suffers a horrible loss when his twenty year old girlfriend dies in a robbery gone wrong at the apartment they shared togeather. After being stabbed and slashed by the robbers they leave and are never found. Blake survives the attack and attends his girlfriend's funeral but then afterwards moves to a different apartment complex. There he becomes a shut in, where he only awnseres the door for the people who bring him his groceries and police. Meanwhile another woman in the same city rushes her boyfriend/husband/Fiancee to the hospital after and attack or accident of somekind . But it is too late and she looses her lover. One nurse approaches her and claims that she knows someone who might help her communicate with her lover after death if she wished. After some debate or no debate (you decide) she follows the instructions to Blake Everly's apartment where he has been hiding from the living and the dead alike, her dead lover haunting Blake. Someway she lures him out of the apartment where they both must confront their losses and the world around them...life and death. There they start to have feelings for each other and must decide for themselves if they are ready to move on.

    (Well I would love to RP this Idea with someone! I need a new RP to add to my collection and would like it if you could respond at least 2-3 Paragraphs at the very least when we get the Roleplay going. Message me or leave a comment if you are intrested! =D )

    (You = The Ghost of the woman's lover and the woman)

    (Me = Blake Everly)

    (or if you want to discuss another arrangment let me know!)
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  2. I am in!!!!!! This idea is amazing! I wanna play, please!
  3. I would love to Roleplay this with you! I've been waiting for someone to like the idea ^.^
    So...you want me to start? Or do you want to? Or is there anything else you'd like to
  4. It might be better if you start it off as it is your idea ;) Well, I was wondering about character sheets? Do you require it or do you play without it?
  5. I use them sometimes, but not all the time. Did you want to do Character sheets? I'm cool with whatever. =)
  6. I was just wondering ;) We can carry on without them.
  7. Alright! Then I will get the Thread started then I'll PM you the link~ x3
  8. Thank you very much Vari! By the way, I love your nickname ^_^
  9. Thank you very much! ^,^
    I'll get the post done