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  1. Hello to you, potential new friends~
    If you are interested in a group story, please feel free to check out my current Jump In thread.
    If, however--like every sentient being does from time to time--you're feeling a bit of anxiety from posting publically in an open forum, or simply are in the mood for a more private or intimate scenerio, perhaps a 1x1 would more suit you.
    Well, lucky you, I happen to be quite interested! So please do drop me a line, privately or otherwise, and we can work something out, yeah?

    Happy Playing~ -Jazz
  2. What kind of roleplays do you usually do
  3. Usually more modern, with a splash of supernatural flare. But highly fantastical plots are fun from time to time, too. I adore conflict and drama, from a developmental aspect... "even-couple" type of stories are always such a drag. XD
  4. Maybe a modern day super hero type deal?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.