1 x 1 - Genderbending. MxF. Someone interested?

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  1. Hi there, I've been having this idea in mind for a pretty long time. I admit I'm not a fan of MxF roleplays but this I really want to try this one.

    I've been thinking of the male character (Which will be me) trying to get into a female only school by crossdressing and pretending to be a female. Just for one reason, to be closer to pretty girls, and of course get a better 'look' of them. So when he enters he comes to share a dorm with another girl, who he'll be developing a crush for.

    Any other ideas wanting to add on, tell me! And also I don't mind how you roleplay I don't really expect anything of you.
  2. :3 are you still open?
  3. Yep! I am.
  4. I will Pm you then :)
  5. Alright! Sounds good.
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  6. Would you still like to do this idea....I love it sooo much!
  7. Sure I don't mind.
  8. Okay! I'll send a pm!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.