1-on-1 Roleplay

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  1. Looking for some 1-on-1 role plays.

    I want to do a futuristic role play, the world has branched out across the galaxy taking up civilization on other planets as well as using space stations and space ships.

    There are several space stations dedicated to discovering new habitable places. These ships have a research team, including scientists, lab technicians, engineers, physicians and guards for protection, and astronauts who go out to collect samples. These last guys have the most dangerous job out of the rest, as they are discovering the unknown.

    lab technicians and scientist study and perform experiments on collected samples, and collected organisms and cultures. They write up reports, and send them back to the mother ship, where the information is logged into a database for the entire galaxy. Anyone and everyone can access this information.

    So, in this universe, there is a variety of possibilities for different jobs your character can have. Your character doesn't necessarily have to be human, either. The human race at this point have made allies with other intelligent life forms. But there is also the opportunity for war between races.

    I'm looking for someone who can take up multiple characters, I definitely wouldn't mind romance, and action and adventure is one of the main components in this RP. However, I am wanting a lot of character development. Character sheets need to be well-thought out and you should have a good grasp on the characters you wish to use.

    Send me a PM if you are interested, or we can chat here. I want the IC to be through PM's though.
  2. Hi! I'd be very interested in role-playing thus idea with you! I love the whole futuristic sci fi stuff so pm me if you'd like!
  3. This sounds super interesting! I have been wanting to do a sci-fi thing for a while now too!
  4. This sounds like a very interesting roleplay, and I would love to try my hand at it.
    It's so nice to see a futuristic roleplay that doesn't focus on violence and intergalactic war.