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  1. Haruki stood at attention as the Hokage walked down the row of 20 Arashikage ninjas. Each bearing a seemingly heavy weight. Today was the day every Arashikage Kage ranked ninja would fight each other to the death. Haruki was one of the few who were chosen first hand to participate. Haruki gave no effort in retaliation and humbly excepted the offer. Once the Hokage reached the podium with 3 large mats on it, he sat down next to two of his advisers who would oversee the tournament as well.

    The Hokage took a deep breath and gave the opening speech. Afterwards he sat back down and shouted "Begin!" Haruki gripped his sword and immediately slicing a man's head off everyone was still and silent, but shortly began to move again. They started charging Haruki, but Haruki outsmarted them using the dead Kage's body as a shield. He took out about 4 people during this, including the first one.

    After the ambush had settled down three remained. Haruki stabbed his sword into the ground and began a quick shadow technique. The technique engulfed his hands in black, pulsating orbs. Haruki then picked up his sword and began swinging at his opponents. Neither dared to go in after the blade swings because the technique hardened the shadow of the blade making the swing paths blades as well. Haruki eventually had the two cornered. He sliced one, but the other took the oppurtunity and got behind him. Haruki was lucky enough to turn around and parry his blade, but knocked both of their blades away in the process, thus making him lose his technique it had turned into a hand to hand fight.

    The fight dragged on for hours before Haruki came out victorious. Haruki kneeled to his Hokage. The Hokage stood up waving his hand over the boy's head signaling At Ease. Haruki stood up his Gi drenched in blood and sweat. The bodies behind him were being whisked away to graves made on the side of the stadium. The Hokage handed him a piece of paper. "What is this?" "I know I did not discuss the matter with you, but this is your new partner." Haruki read the paper giving the results of a Mizuga kunoichi (female ninja). "Hokage you can't be--" "That is enough Haruki, it has been decided among the Hokage's that this is the best course of action. You will meet this girl tomorrow morning at sunrise. May the shadows hide your soul from the evils of the world." Haruki gripped the paper, bowed out, and walked off to his dojo. He prepared his things and meditated through the night.
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  2. The night was quiet, filled only with the sounds of crickets chirping and the cool night breeze flowing by while Hisane meditated under the light of the moon, a sacred symbol for those of the clan. The moon provided life to the water, made the waves ebb and flow and because the Mizuga found such a closeness to the water, it was a good source of peace for those who meditated by it's light. She meditated under the moon's light tonight because she wanted focus and calm for the day to come. The day when she was to meet with the shinobi from Arashikage. She'd only been informed of his identity hours ago and after seeing his picture, she determined that while he would no doubt be a strong ally, he was going to be one that would no doubt cause problems with her. It would not be his fault but rather the fault of the feuds between their two clans. It was not easy for either side to cooperate but it needed to be done for the sake of all if the shinobi were to survive the attacks from the kingdom far off. They were to meet and journey to the kingdom and take down the leaders within the city so that they would not be troubled by their need for shinobi blood. The two strongest were chosen for this daunting task and despite their unease of joining each other, it needed to be done. Sighing softly, Hisane opened her eyes, breaking her meditation before looking up at the moon and giving a silent nod. "By the moon...we're going to stop any harm from coming to the villages...no matter what the cost...it must be done," she whispered softly. Afterwards, she rose from her spot outside and went to bed to rest for the day ahead.

    By the sunrise, Hisane stood waiting at the rendezvous point for the named Haruki with her gear ready and the mission looming ahead. When she heard the footsteps coming from behind she turned to see the shinobi from Arashikage and gave a light bow of her head. "Hisane Takaheda..nice to meet you...so then, we're partnered up to take down this ruler...how about we get on with it, unless youd like to say anything?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.
  3. Haruki got up the next morning and suited up. He equipped his Gi and took a wallet full of various moneys. He bowed out before leaving his vast Shinobi village before sunrise to make it to the rendezvous point. Haruki met up with a girl in full equippage. At least she has that. The girl bowed briefly to Haruki. "We need to get moving Ms.Takaheda, This path should take us through some of uncharted territory, but it is necessary to ensure efficiency. Be careful not to show any signs that you are Mizuga clan." Haruki walked past her down the path gripping his sword's belt strap. Our people are on the line if she takes this lightly, the severity of her meddling in this will only increase. Haruki's expression hardened as he continued to walk.
  4. Hisane frowned as he walked past her before she followed behind him and narrowed her eyes in his direction. "And why am I not able to show my clan and you are? If I'm to hide my clan origins then so should you. This is after all a mission that involves us being hidden from our enemy. Then that also means we aren't allowed to use any special abilities from our clans either. You want me to hide my roots, then so should you," she said with a huff as they walked down the path he referred to. "We both have much at stake here...I understand that so lets both do what needs to be done to protect our villages..we work together, alright?"
  5. Haruki glared back at her. Imbecile I already had intentions of doing that. Haruki noticed her huffing and puffing behind him. After walking for a while they reached a shopping district. "Are you hungry? After here we're not turning back for food." Haruki did not wait for her response and walked into a nearby breakfeast place.
  6. "Well considering that youre already going to that breakfast place, I guess I am hungry, she grumbled quietly before following behind him into the small shop where they quickly got some food. She barely spent a little more than an hour with the guy, and already he was acting as if he were better. It really irritated her as they sat together at a table to eat in silence glancing at him with a serious expression before looking out the window.
  7. Haruki was enjoying his meal when he noticed the girl's beaming gaze. Jeez, what's that all about? Haruki took a sip of his drink and closed his eyes, sitting back, with his arms folded. Opening one eye he looked at Hisane to find her gaze still fixated on him. Opening his eyes he spoke with a reluctant voice. "What's the matter? You keep staring at me."
  8. For a moment, Hisane didn't speak but after taking a bite of her food, she sat back and crossed her arms over her chest. "Only reason why I keep staring is because of that look of yours...like youre so much better or something," she said with all brutal honesty. She didn't like cockiness, it was an irritating trait that some people had and one that sometimes led to overconfidence which meant carelessness. She wanted this mission handled with care and if he planned on looking like he was so much better then she wasn't sure the mission would go as smoothly as they hoped.
  9. Haruki's facial expression didn't waver. He simply took in what the girl said, truth be told due to his attitude he was seen like this many times. "I don't see it like that. But, having to endure a mission with Mizuga is enough... Having to do it with one who behaves such as you on the other hand, that is a different story." Haruki crossed his legs. "We should continue our journey, along the way we'll need Inns so keep an eye out for them." Haruki stood up and walked through the door. He sat in a Mercedez-Benz waiting for Hisane.
  10. Hisana watched him go out to the car, a scowl on her face as she shook her head and grumbled softly, "I cant believe this...Stupid Arashikage...stupid mission.." After paying for their food and heading out to the car's passenger side, she got in and waited for him to start up the car. "You mind explaining to me what your problem with me is, by the way? What's wrong with how I behave?"
  11. Haruki pulled a stopwatch out of his pocket. "Your too loud, you ask so many questions, your very impatient." Haruki's voice progressively got louder. "Your a Miss Perfect in everything! Your too curious about me when people could die! And most of all the fact-- No. Nevermind. We should get going." After a while of silence Haruki spoke up. "I apologize for my reaction. That is all."
  12. After Haruki had yelled at her, Hisane looked incredibly taken aback and shocked by what issues he had with her. She never wanted to be acting that way and the only reason for her curiosity was the fact that she wanted to know about him and how he handled missions. She wanted to get to know him on that personal level because that made for good team work and maybe even good connections between them. But hearing that..well it stung. When he apologized, Hisane took a glance at him from the corner of her eye then looked away and out the car window. "It's fine," she said quietly, "I apologize for my behavior..."
  13. Haruki hid his mouth beneath his collar, which bore a relieved smirk. He was about to start the car when something made him pause. The emperor's ambassador was walking into the restraunt with about 11 guards. "Hisane do not move. Using your periferial vision, check your side view mirror for a Arashikage symbol."
  14. Giving the slightest of nods, Hisane looked out of the corner of her eye as inconspicuously as possible to find the symbol that Haruki spoke of before she found it on the ambassador's sleeve when he was ordering his food with his guards. Looking over at Haruki, she said, "Looks like the symbol's on his sleeve. I'm guessing some other Arashikage ninjas marked him as a target?"
  15. Haruki put the car in drive and began moving slowly, the so called ambassador started following in two black Lincolns. Haruki glanced at the cars every now and then to see them still following. Haruki came to a stop at a sign and looked at Hisane."I will explain this briefly and quickly so pay attention. When you see your clan emblem anywhere on a political officials arm it means three things."
    1. They are a double for the Political official.
    2. That official is in charge of taking down your clan.
    3. The double is a skilled rogue ninja with more years of experience in killing than our own Hokage.
    "If you got all that now buckle up and hang on." Haruki stepped on the gas and made a sharp right. The cars began following in hot pursuit. They traveled half mile in the opposite direction of their original objective trying to lose them. The Lincolns began closing the car into one lane. Haruki picked up his Katana and hopped onto the roof of the car. The guards began swarming out, Haruki was slicing them repeatedly some flying from "Shadow Throws". The ambassador who was now in a elegantly designed male kimono wielding a long spear. Haruki and the man diked it out as the two Lincolns swerved off to the sides releasing the car causing it to throw both Haruki and the man off balance.
  16. Hisane had managed to take the wheel when Haruki got onto the roof of the car to fight off the guards and the ambassador up until they'd veered off the side of the road where she slammed into the car door and rolled out quickly to get right into the heart of the action where guards surrounded the car. Quickly reaching for the small bag of throwing knives at her side, she blocked back the attacks from the oncoming guards while moving back quickly as each guard took a swing and lunge for her in an attempt to catch her. But like, the water, Hisane's movements moved fluidly enough to avoid each attack before she grabbed and threw several guards over her shoulder or to the side until she had a chance to move into more open space. Looking around, she searched for Haruki after seeing him fall with the ambassador not far off. "Haruki!"
  17. The bridge was empty not a soul was passing by, a flaming Lincoln and smashed Mercedes-Benz created the background. Haruki and the rogue slid down the road. The rogue stopped his slide with a pole vault over Haruki who came to a stop using his hands. The two fighters turned to each with a good amount of distance between them. They charged each other clashing in an intense battle between weapons. Haruki parried as many strikes as the rogue could throw, but the rogue always came back. Eventually, their weapons were knocked away in a hard clash. Haruki's hands were engulfed in shadow's, while the rogue's became engulfed flames. They became in an intense battle flames and shadows cutting up the bridge surface. Eventually the two's attacks collided causing a major decrease in the bridge's integrity. The waters below rushed against the beams of the bridge. The collisions started getting more and more intense, until the bridge started crumbling. Haruki and the rogue ran for the edge, but the the collapse caught up to them. Haruki and the rogue were plummeting to the water below. Haruki's blade and scabbard were flailing next to him. He grabbed the scabbard and scooped the blade in it swinging it around his back. "This is it I guess..."
  18. Hisane watched as Haruki battled the rogue until the bridge collapsed, sending the two down towards the frigid cold waters below the now wrecked bridge. The woman knew she needed to move quickly as she ran forward towards the still crumbling bridge while forming hand signs for a coming special attack. However, this time it would not be used to stop an enemy but to save a life. As she reached the edge of the wreckage, she raised her hands up towards the sky as the water below followed upwards with her movements. It formed into a disk like shape that was ready to catch Haruki before he fell any farther and rather than encasing him in the water as it would an enemy, it embraced him and held him there as Hisane jumped off the wreckage from tree to tree until she reached the waterside where the disk of water holding Haruki had lowered him. When she reached him she ran to his side and held him up carefully. "That was quite a fall...good thing I was able to catch you," she muttered softly.
  19. Haruki sat back as the mysterious rogue's body floated away. "Thanks Ms. Takaheda. Let's figure out where we are and get moving now that we have to walk we should conserve whatever little stamina we have." Haruki started following the river downstream hoping it would lead up to a train or some means of transport, but then again maybe public transport wasn't such a good idea. Haruki's goal now was a affordable shelter, or a natural one. It was already 1:00 PM they needed to find somewhere to stay quickly. Haruki stopped and turned to Hisane. "Ms. Takaheda do you have any... prefferences on Inn's or housing?"
  20. "Hm? No no preferences really. We could've made shelter with the supplies I had but it looks like that's not the case now that our things are gone. I've kept some of it in this small bag I had but this is all of what I have. Next time we reach a town, we'll have to stock up. We can probably make a shelter with some branches and such but I don't know how much you've got left," she said with a frown as they walked together. They were going to need to do something about food and shelter considering they still had quite a ways to go. If they kept going by the river, they would reach the capital in a few days with luck but they needed rest after that attack.
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