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  1. Overview​
    I'm wanting to do a roleplay that revolves around the story of MC getting kidnapped, and finds herself in an unwilling custody of your male character. I hoping for them to be either intimidating, menevolent, and maybe sadistic, casual and in the middle, or protective, soft and benevolent, and caring. There can be romance, mature scenes, plot, adventure, and maybe action in MC trying to escape? Also, my character might be a year or two younger than what I usually play (which would be 13 or 14), though I don't know. It depends on the character that you make for the rp and how I think the age of MC will interact with yours. So... let's go to rules now, I guess.

    1. The rp can take place in threads or PM.
    2. If you would like to double up characters, like maybe having a friend of the kidnapper that helps or something, that's fine.
    3. If all of the spots are taken and you still want to join, I am willing to do up to 3 of this rp.
    4. If you're interested, reply here or PM me. I would like to go over character sheets in PMs either way, though.

    Character Sheet​
    AGE: (17-24)
    KINKS (IC): (Kinks of your character that CAN be included in the rp.)
    KINKS (OOC): (Kinks you have as a roleplayer, and CAN be included in the rp.)
    NOGOs (IC): (Things your character does not like or will not do. These CAN be included in the rp.)
    NOGOs (OOC): (Things you as a roleplayer do not like or will not do. These will NOT be included in the rp when involving your character.)
    PERSONALITY/TRAITS: (can be in bullets or paragraph form.)

    I may add stuff to the cs later. If I do, I will let you guys know!
  2. Still looking!
  3. Mind if I RP with you?
  4. Sure! Just PM me when you're ready to rp! (:
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  5. Ok! Can't right now though, I'm at my family's place.
  6. That's fine! I'll be ready whenever you are!
Thread Status:
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