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    • NAME:
      Masaru Ikeda




      September 18th



      Daiken (japanese high school equivalency test)


      Masaru has a habit of hiding behind an emotional mask, preferring to adopt the persona of a fictional character he identifies with instead of being himself. It makes him feel safe and lends him the self-esteem he lacks on his own. As such, it can be quite difficult to get to know what he's really like unless he's caught out-of-character, and even then, he is incredibly shy, awkward and withdrawn. It takes a lot of trust to get him to come out of his shell comfortably.

      Masaru has an active imagination, gets along really well with children, and never gets tired of playing games. When he's allowed to act like someone else, he tends to take on a persona that lets the best parts of his personality shine through. He's very open-minded and tries his best to be understanding in any circumstance.

      Masaru starts to feel shy, anxious and exposed when he is forced to be himself. He can be hard to reason with in these sorts of situations, as his only focus is on his fear of being seen or approached by others. The type of high-functioning autism he was born with -- while not nearly severe enough to have an impact on his ability to learn -- can make it a bit harder for him to grasp certain social concepts, so his reactions and interactions do come across as a little strange sometimes.

      Masaru's most favorite movie is the animated film "Paradise Pond". If he never needed to eat anything else to stay healthy, he would have dessert for every meal of the day and wash it all down with nothing but sweet fruit smoothies. He has a passion for fashion and things that make people look pretty. Rainbows, butterflies, hummingbirds and bees. If unicorns were real, those would be on the list too. He absolutely loves all kinds of cute animals; if it's small, soft or fluffy, it's safe to say he will want to hug it. He also thinks children are great because they aren't afraid to say whatever's on their mind. They are usually honest about their feelings -- even if kids can be cruel -- it puts Masaru's mind at ease to know that they aren't hiding any hateful thoughts behind a false smiling face.

      Masaru hates to hear when people are fighting; defensively he gets quiet and tries to tuck himself away in small spaces, like the bathroom or a broom closet, to stay safe from the screaming. Spiders scare him, roaches are even worse; he almost loses his mind at the sight of them, and he will not be able to sleep at all unless the knows they've been dealt with. Oh and, banana's are nasty. He will not eat them no matter what. No way. But he enjoys a good bowl of banana pudding, just without the banana part -- go figure.

      At his core, Masaru is afraid of being judged and being treated badly because of it. His fear can also manifest as a mistrust of strangers and often makes him nervous about getting noticed by others, especially if he's feeling exposed or otherwise vulnerable in some way.

      High-Functioning Autism and Social Anxiety

    • HAIR:
      Somewhat wavy with a side fringe concealing one half of his face. His natural hair color is actually black, but he always had a passion for dying it fun, festive colors. His recent obsession with a certain animated character has made him loyal to sticking with shades between blue and purple.

      Large, solemn, lonely blue eyes. When engaged with something that brings him happiness or joy, they become wide with child-like wonder. At other times, they will keep wandering curiously until his attention is caught.

      In his heart, he loves to dress up with all sorts of styles; Masaru only manages to follow his heart's desire when he adopts another persona though. As just an ordinary boy, he does not feel confident enough to wear anything fashionable, so he chooses to dress in loose, unremarkable looking outfits that help him blend into the background and go unnoticed by others. A wall-flower when forced to be himself, but a fashionista when allowed to play pretend.

      Garry from Ib

    • In school, Masaru was often bullied because of his oddities and unusual attitude; it got to the point that he began skipping classes whenever he could get away with it. In time, his truancy became far too frequent for him to continue his education in a traditional setting, so he stopped going there altogether. At home, he made up for it by studying online and later passed the High School Equivalency Test, but after that, he remained living with his parents and never pursued any interests outside of the house. He soon slipped into a hikikomori lifestyle -- a recluse who sheltered himself in the comfort of anime, manga and video games for lack of a social life -- the only friends he ever made were on the internet, met through roleplaying forums or in MMOs.

      Masaru might've felt safe from the harsh world in his private little hideout, but it was a gilded cage and he was not happy there. He was lonely. Still, he was too scared to go outside, to see other people, to let other people see him. It wasn't until he watched a certain animated movie made by Studio Jubilee that things changes. Something about the film's story struck a chord with him. He strongly identified with the main character in the movie, and shortly afterward, he had constructed his first cosplay. Masaru was so proud of his project that he felt the need to show it off in front of others. For the first time he stepped outside again, it was so he could attend a convention is full cosplay. It was such an empowering experience, he kept on doing it, eventually won an award for best in show, and was approached by a person who worked at Dizuni Park, who asked him if he had any interest in perhaps playing that same character at their theme park. Of course, he said yes.

      The next day, he applied for the part, was hired on the spot and Masaru has been working his dream job ever since. Much to the delight of his parents, who had always hoped to see their son smiling again someday.

    • VOICE:
      Yuri Lowenthal

      Gotye - Heart's A Mess

      A syrian short-haired hamster affectionately called Mochi-chan.

      Character actor; portrays "Prince Ruza" from the animated film "Paradise Pond" made by Studio Jubilee.

      Ruza, the name of a prince unknown
      He was born strange, cursed to be alone
      Exiled far from his home
      Last in line for the throne
      With him, the family severed their bond

      The prince felt no love nor hate in his heart
      Sadness or fear, he could not tell them apart
      A yearning need, yes
      Ruza's soul sought rest
      From the rising of a new dawn

      Soon he stumbled upon the perfect place
      The still water's surface reflected his face
      Over the image, his fingertips traced
      The cold mirror rippled, reflection erased
      The strange prince's portrait was gone

      Beyond the clear water's depths he saw another side
      A kind and loving world, from cruelty he could hide
      Bittersweetly he cried
      Then slipped down inside
      He found paradise on the other side of the pond

      The film "Paradise Pond" is based on the old poem above, plus other assorted stories about the allegedly unknown prince; like many fairy-tales in their original form, the story is quite grim, lamenting the life of an exiled prince who drowns himself in a pond to find peace from his miserable existence. Studio Jubilee decided to use the story to convey a message of hope to those who might have thoughts of suicide.

      In the film, Prince Ruza's face is always obscured in his own world because the audience is meant to believe he is unsightly in some way. He finds the aforementioned pond, which then reflects an ideal image of his face, and once he enters the water, it literally leads him into another world unlike his own; his physical body is shown suspended underneath the water where dark spirits circle around him as he sleeps. Meanwhile, his mind is transported to a strange and exciting place where plenty of adventures and new friendships await him. The longer he stays there though, the closer the dark spirits get to destroying his physical form which remains inanimate in the pond they occupy.

      A few of the friends he has made in the paradise world start to show signs of disappearing under a dark veil themselves, and it is revealed that they too exist outside of this place like Ruza does, but they slipped under the spell of a reflective portal just as he did. For a split second, Ruza "wakes up" in the water to see that the pond he is in was never empty, but full of other sleeping people floating around him. He then watches as one of his best friends beside him is preyed upon by a dark spirit; he tries to swim over and struggles to pull his friend to the surface, but the boy only opens his eyes slightly to tell Ruza to let him go, then the boy is quickly consumed by the spirit that rips him away. Watching in horror, Ruza feels his own body becoming heavier and he starts to sink deeper into the dark below, where even more spirits swarm around his soon unconscious form.

      Returning to the paradise dream, Ruza and his remaining friends again encounter the boy who has just died, but now he has no shadow and no emotions except a sedated calmness and an ever-present smile on his face. Some of them feel unsettled by this display and wish to wake up before they become like him, while others start to feel that maybe it's better to stay behind and be happy like the boy who died. At the end of the film, Ruza's real body is woken in the water by another friend of his, then the both of them dive to the deepest pit in the bottomless pond, where they find their female friend fighting to get free from the torrent of dark spirits trying to consume her. Together, the three friends destroy these spirits and see that other sleeping people have begun to wake up around them. They all go to the surface, at last escaping the enchanted pond. The friends laugh and embrace and Prince Ruza finally reveals his face, which looks exactly as it did in the dream now that he is happy.

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  3. "Time is precious; don't test my patience."

    "Prove to me that you're really worth something."


    Satoru Maeda




    Anguis Cantus

    Lincoln Jesser - Something Right

    Confident / Stoic / Cynical / Pretentious


    Insomnia - He never seems to sleep.
    Undaunted - Can engage in combat as casually as a conversation.
    Management - He'll work with the worst of them and still derive acceptable results.
    Improvisation - Even if everything goes wrong, he will find a way to salvage the situation.
    Natural Rhythm - A pretty impressive dancer, limber and agile, his practice lends him a more relaxed stance in battle.


    If he loses, he'll be erased; that goes without saying. However, the idea of being defeated does not bother him, because that would mean the composer wasn't wrong to place her faith in the people of Shibuya. As much as he wants to believe in them as easily as she does, he cannot overcome the dissatisfaction he feels when he sees a society plagued by apathy. He wants to win so he can prove a point to the composer -- that the players of her beloved game aren't determined enough to deserve a second shot at life. Afterall, they took it for granted the first time, so an easy victory would only serve to send back a spoiled brat to a world where they wouldn't make a difference. No one ever tries to change their ways until they're forced to prove what's most important to them. Should the players of this session fail to recognize their true potential, then Satoru will have shown her -- his composer, Kaya -- that she was wasting her efforts on a lost cause. If he were to win, she would have to heed his words and finally hear what he's been telling her all along. The world needs a wake up call.

    Art - It lets him see the world through someone else's eyes.
    Music - He enjoys at least one song from every genre ever made.
    Video Games - An interactive form of art; it offers a unique experience.
    Loud Nightclubs - He likes to get lost in the low lights and the heavy rhythm.
    The Sound of Footsteps - The crisp click of heels on hard ground is especially pleasant.
    Honesty - He really respects someone who is confident enough not to have to hide behind lies.

    Liars - He is impressed by sly deception though.
    Naivete - Anyone who accepts the world at face value is a fool.
    Sleeping - It's a waste of precious time that could be better spent doing something productive.
    Watching Movies - He is incredibly critical of every film he sees; he thinks his own ideas are more creative.

    Having His Time Wasted - If an activity or interaction is not worthwhile to him, he is more than willing to disregard it.
    Self-Proclaimed Badasses - Oh, so dark and edgy! Damn kid, you must have some insecurities you're overcompensating for.

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