#001 Message in a Bottle - Weekly Writing Prompt C

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Have you ever wrote a message in a bottle and then tossed it into the sea?

  1. Yes, I have!

  2. No, but I just might one day.

  3. I would absolutely never do that. It'd probably just cause harm to the sea life.

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  1. ______________________________________________________________________________

    Welcome to Vio's Weekly 500 Writing Prompt Challenge!

    I recently bought a book at Barnes and Nobles the other day because I wanted to take the time to hone my writing skills during my free time. I figured the 500 Writing Prompt book would be the best way to do so, and some of the prompts are really interesting. I am also really interested in what my fellow Iwakians will write for the prompts, and decided to share them with you all. You do not have to create a full story to participate, just have fun and start with what is most comfortable for you. Although, you should focus on strengthening your skills while you participate, and attempt to explore outside what you know. Think outside your box, it can surprise you!

    - Vio


    Prompt #001
    - Message in a Bottle -
    While at the beach you decide to write a message in a bottle. What would it say? Who would you like to find it?
  2. This will be my response when I come back to it! ^^​
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  3. The smell of salty sea air stung the man's nose as he looked across the open water, rippling seas the colors of sapphire and turquoise lapped across the flat sandy beaches, making it seem like a picture out of painting. A young man in his late twenties stood there, his short brown hair was shaved close to his head and his green eyes were squinted against the harmful rays of the summer sun. "Perfect." he muttered and kicked off his flip flops walking towards the edge of the waves and letting them whip back and forth across his feet., he reached into a plastic bag stained with mud and other flith and removed a small old fashioned coke a cola bottle and removed a piece of paper, sitting down in the sand so his feet barely were touched by the waves, he began to write.

    My dearest, darling
    For you who have lived alone on the other side of the sea. I speak to you know with a forgotten tongue, may your this message reach you and only you, and may my love as well as all my feelings, dance into your ears once more in a splendid waltz.

    your dearest savior.

    He slowly folded the paper up around a single sliver ring and placed it tenderly inside the bottle as if he was placing a new born child inside a cradle and pushed the bottle off into the seat and stood up leaving, a second gleaming sliver ring alone in the sand.
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  4. Thank you for being the only one to actually participate in the prompt verses just viewing it and placing a vote. I have a question though, this is in second person, so I'm not sure if this is something you would do and you are just telling us from a different perspective, or if you are making a short story of some random man.
  5. I'm doing it from a different perspective.
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  6. (This is a very good question. I like it.)

    The beach, one of the most cliche places to be on the planet. The long walks, the ombre skies as the sun begins to set.

    A note in a bottle.

    It was so cliche that even I am doing it. The stem of the miniature wine bottle was gripped tightly, you know, the mini wine bottles you find in the alcohol section at Walmart when you can't even hold your alcohol. As I stared at the blue sea I put the bottle in front of me; because what if people were to see what I was doing. Sending a note, to whom? My long distance lover? It was quite a tragedy to think of other people's judgement but I've learned that you can't please everybody, and I learned that the hard way. My hand slowly slipped into my back pocket, pulling out a small piece of paper, well enough to fit something meaningful on it. My handwriting is quite small so there's a lot that could go down on a blank slip of a dead tree.

    "Hello, whoever you are. What are the chances that among the seven seas of the world, this miniature bottle landed straight to you? Perhaps it was fate that led us together, across the world even. But that's a bit weird, considering that we've just met technically. I hope you're having a wonderful day, night, afternoon. If you're lost and alone, I hope this letter brings you hope that someday you'll find what you're looking for, whether it be a partner or happiness, fame or fortune. Surely a piece of paper won't do that for you but who knows? The bottle got this far. It would bring my hopes up to know that the fishes didn't eat it, and it ended up in your hands. So enjoy your life, wherever you are in the world."

    As I calmly look over the note, hoping that it's not too cheesy or I didn't spell anything wrong, I feel the calm sea breeze against my skin, and the smell of salt water as the waves brush up against my feet. I rolled up the paper once more and put it into the bottle, the paper unrolling as it wasn't tied together. I put the cork on the bottle and released it into the vast unknown sea, watching the waves take it wherever its destination might be.
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  7. Thank you for posting! I really enjoyed your response. ^^
  8. Yaaay! Thank you! That was pretty fun to do and I loved the idea. c:
  9. Thanks! Keep on the look out for the next one then, maybe you'll like that too. ^^
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  10. I might just have to.~ I love things like these. Helps with the writing skills. c:
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