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  1. So, I'm looking for someone to RP with me.

    First up, a few pointers.

    I live in Europe. This means that my times will probably be different from you 'Muricans.
    • I prefer my partners to be able to have proper grammar. Post length is usually no problem, but please make sure that what you're writing is readable.
    I'm in the Teens group. That's all I have to say about that.
    If one day passes without a reply, I will send you a poke.
    Please, please, please don't ditch! I've had so many people who I've gotten a good plot going with, only to have them leave without rhyme or reason.

    If you have a problem with any of the things listed above, you should probably hit that Back button.

    If you don't, great! Please keep on reading.

    As genres go, here's a description on each of the ones that I can come up with.

    Fantasy: I really like this one. Do keep in mind that I'm not very good at playing other races, though.
    Slice of Life: Not a top pick, but an interesting twist on it (such as mental illnesses) does rack up a lot of points with this one.
    Modern/Future: It's alright at best. Perhaps mix it up with another genre? However, if robots/androids are involved, I'll be all over it.
    Combat: Now, I really love this one. I'm all for large-scale wars that has never been fought or actual historical wars. Your pick.

    And a few pairings. I'm not exclusively available for these, any of your ideas will probably work just fine. Do keep in mind that these aren't necessarily romance-based, just some basic ideas for characters. Italics shows which side I prefer, and bold shows an idea that I'd love you if you picked.

    College girl x Pervy boy
    New kid x Popular kid
    Teacher x Student
    Blind/deaf/mute girl x Normal boy

    Convicted killer x Prison guard
    Attorney x Client
    Demon x Angel
    Gender-bent man x Best friend

    Next up, some plots that I thought of. If you're not interested, feel free to bring one of yours up! The character I'd prefer to be will show up in yellow.

    Dead Ringer (Not Taken) (open)
    This story begins with Character A preparing to defend her client from accusations of him/her murdering Character B. However, while investingating the scene, she finds something very unusual... The ghost of B.

    When there's nothing left (Not taken) (open)
    When A goes about his normal day, a sudden event leaves him/her in a coma. Once he wakes up, the only thing there to greet him/her is B, who is a helper robot. Everything around A is nothing like he remembers it, either. Nothing in the world is.

    And finally, a list of things that I'm into. If you have a fandom that's not listed here, we can still do something with it (probably), just don't expect me to get it.

    * The Ace Attorney series. Absolutely love the storytelling and the dialogue. It's a writer's dream.
    * Harry Potter. What can I say? Magic is badass.
    * Pokémon. I don't know, something about them makes me go "Yeah!" every time.
    * Video games in general, mostly stuff from Valve and Nintendo.
    * Avatar: The Last Airbender. Not Legend of Korra, though... Not yet, at least.
    * Five Nights at Freddy's. Gotta love those subtle hints of Scott's.
    * Persona. I know that it's a spinoff series, but I've never played the original SMT games... Maybe I should.

    Make that inbox count rise to the stars, people!

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  2. I'll roleplay with you! :)
  3. Grand re-opening!
  4. Dunno why i'm asking this but if you had watched Nightmare On Elm Street perhaps a rp about that? if not then i'm not really sure perhaps list more fandoms?
  5. If you have a basic story for romance or fantasy, I would be willing to be your partner for it.

    (I'm not American, I'm in Japan's time zone)
  6. Oh yeah, I've seen it. I'm totally game.
  7. Sure thing! Shoot me a message!
  8. Oooh, I haven't seen Ace Attorney in /ages/!

    If you have nothing against rping with someone of legal age, I'd love to set out a plot from that series. Been a while since I wrote a murder-mystery mixeed with the nice lighthearted (?) tone of AA.
  9. Haha, great! I'm sending you a PM!
  10. It's still open, folks.
  11. Are you still interested in our 1x1? If you aren't just tell me, no hard feelings
  12. Just taking charge here.
  13. So can I just get an answer?
  14. Added a new plot.
  15. I would be up for doing a Harry Potter rp with you
  16. Great! Send me a PM, and we can get started!
  17. New cards have been dealt.
  18. Added some new pairings.
  19. Still searching.
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