0.0 For those people who hate Lady Gaga.... I found something worse

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  1. ...... I apologize..... But I need to show you this....


    Scuse me while I go and try to stop my ears from bleeding.
  2. Is she wearing lipstick that badly or is she just an illegitimate daughter of Mr. Popo?
  3. She's actually a comedian. Mirandasings is an act. she's making fun of all those people on Youtube who think they're AWESOME.

    Anyways, act or not, ouch, my ears.
  4. TK....I'm gonna have to execute you for heresy now....that's just wrong.

    *Executes TK for heresy*

    that I hate them....

  6. *Watches as her Murr Zombies devour her corpse*
  7. Hmm....if your going with that name...then I will go with....Mmm....Naomi.

  8. XD fair enough
  9. XD so your robot idea is literally a lonely girl gets a robot friend and is like 'oh cool my parents bought me a girlfriend~' XD
  10. Well...I was thinking more like 'lonely girl thinks her new robot is hot, and her parents probably knew the robot had a working vagina.....right? So they probably would approve of her having some fun......but I do not have to tell them as it be embarrassing to admit it'.

  11. Animal: Spectalia Fly (aka "Zombie Fly")

    Environment: Catacombs

    Danger Level: Harmless

    Short Description: Not gonna lie--how these little guys function and obtain food is creepy.

    Spectalias are a carnivorous breed of insects and usually feed on smaller gnats and ants near Kilabock River. Their lifespans are hellishly short, however; at the very most, they live for one week. A day or so before their death, Spectalias find a suitable spot in the soil to bury themselves. This "suitable" spot must be within a patch of flowers and other foliage.

    Their lives technically do not end there.

    As the insect's body decomposes, it releases their eggs into the soil (they reproduce asexually), which then seep down into the roots of any nearby plant. It is from there that they infect the flower and gain control of its corpse, thus explaining the origins of its "Zombie Fly" title. They take advantage of the flowers' vibrant colors to attract prey before ensnaring them in claw-like stamens. Below is an example of a "Zombified" flower.

  12. *Drives off in the BATMOBILE before Myrn can get there*
  13. FOR THE MURSTRESS!!! *resurrects TK* sorry it's far more cost effective to keep you alive, however *Builds TK a palace of MUR with all her stuff and no parents* enjoy.
  14. You musta worked pretty hard there GMK. . . you got a little brown on your nose.

  16. ....

    *Shoves a couple of lizards in Paorou's pants*

  17. -Forces TK to wear the pants on her head-

    Hmph. GODLESS Scum.

    - walks away in underwear-

  19. *Breaks orion in half* I'll have non of your false accusations heretic
  20. People expect a being standing eight feet tall to step more heavily than Uluro did, to be a more obvious presence than the Ku'Rhom was as he approached from the system section of the bridge. In very few quiet steps the tall psyonic was standing over the android pilot and his surprise visitor, dark eyes staring down from a blue face lined with age and tinged with disappointment. He had finished reading the crew manifest just an hour before and already the worries he formed were making themselves manifest. Tempermental was written in-between the lines of the human's personel file, the human Uluro would be working most closely with. He trid to keep his tone neutral, pushing his poor expectations into a corner. It was his experience that shorter races quite easily misconstrued his concern for condescension, and so took great care to appear empathetic. They often seemed not to realize he had no choice but to look down on them.

    "Perhaps, Councelor E'vrio, the pilot is expressing his fear of oils or organic contaminants interfering with the controls systems or delicate electronics present on the bridge. I am sure you have been careful to avoid such risks, as is prudent."

    Uluro glanced at the navigation desk, and then back to the Auroun and her greasy meal and placed the long blue fingers of one hand in the center of his chest.

    "Navigator Vin'Salhoum. A pleasure. You may call me Uluro. The Doctor has taken great care of my revival. Do you and I yet have an appointment? I would appreciate your attention."