Based on or borrowing elements from the World of Warcraft MMORPG and/or Warcraft video game series.
  1. Storm574

    World of Warcraft Refugee

    Hello! I’m not great at making these ads however I am searching for partners interested in doing World of Warcraft writing! A little bit about me: I have been writing for eight years or so across a variety of different platforms; From In-Game to Discord, Skype, and Forums! I generally just...
  2. Zizikitty

    Post Apoc or WoW?

    Hi! It’s me! Zizi! Been gone a while… really long while… but I’m back! To test the waters on trying to get in some forum rp in between my in-game role play on World of Warcraft. Please check out my profile page to see if we’d be a good partner match. I’m pretty easy going but I do at least ask...
  3. D

    Looking for some partners :D (M for F)

    Hello everyone! Just joined the site recently and wanted to post a few things I'd like to RP if the future would allow it. Some information about me first off though. My life will come first before RP sorry. I am a passionate chef, and am always striding to become better in my culinary career...
  4. S

    Warcraft: Stranglethorn Vale - War of the Hakkari

    War... War has come to the harsh jungles of the southern kingdoms. Blood will be shed.. and it will be welcomed. For the 'Soulflayer' - Blood is the payment for power, after all... ________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to War of the...
  5. K

    Angst/sad/dark + support romance (realistic or fantasy)

    Looking for someone or some people to rip with since I'm craving itttttt. mostly I'm just cravin Warcraft RPs but I can't seem to find anyone haha! About me: * I'm an extremely happy person and I joke a lot OOC * I usually post a few paragraphs, I love details especially when it's angsty. I...
  6. K

    World of Warcraft rp ?!

    I'm craving some WoW rps! I'd really want to brainstorm together :D If wanted, I'll have some plot ideas I can throw around.
  7. L

    Warcraft Roleplay!

    Usually I'm not picky but what can I say? Im looking into getting back into the Game and what better way than to get back into RPing the game? The RP is simple enough. I have a wide variety of built characters- I'm a detailed poster and enjoy detailed posts back. My main way of posting is...
  8. R

    The Wild Hunt [Non-Canon]

    Flee, Join or Perish. Those are the choices when the Wild Hunt lies before you. A powerful, otherworldly collective of Warriors, Savages, Monsters and Fae... The Wild Hunt is renowned in song and story, reflected as a constant over the entire multiverse. Only a fool would think to challenge...