time travel

Focusing on characters traveling to different eras throughout history or into the future.
  1. Erka

    Looking for new partners

    Hi. So I'm online a lot but only have a few active rp's, so it's time to search for new partners again. Pairings I've so far thought of and liked: [Some with plot ideas and some I intend to work out completely with anyone interested]: Vigilante [probably with supernatural abilities.] X Rescued...
  2. Minibit

    Unlikely Alliance

    Alcina took another sip of her mostly-lukewarm coffee, and glanced at the dashboard clock. 21:04, March 3rd She lifted her binoculars again, and triggered the night vision, panning quickly across the narrow lot. People were going to start showing up any minute. At least, that was what was...
  3. M

    Priest (2011 film) (18+ only)

    Alaina Benson 1. Alaina and Black Hat had always been fond of each other. But of course, you can't be romantically involved with someone if you're a priest/priestess. So the night before they head out to Sola Mira to vanquish the queen they secretly consummate their love. A couple of weeks...
  4. M

    Greek Mythological & Ancient Rome Pairings (MxF)

    Hello. I'm searching for any semi-literate/advanced writer who would like to roleplay with me. I'd appreciate it if my partner(s) writes only in third person (past tense), uses decent spelling and grammar, uses realistic (celebrity/model) face-claims for character appearance, and their...
  5. Vigilante

    Looking for Female partner (strictly 18+) - original & Fandoms

    Hello! As the title suggests, looking for a role play partner for a female character. I've been role playing for quite some time, looking for a Role Play partner for both original works and fan fiction works. Styles and genres of story include: noir, sci-fi, vigilante, time travel, detective...
  6. Aurora

    Revival [Aurora & Pibbs]

    "Ms. Song?" The door creaked open to find a dark room, the charcoal curtains pulled together to keep the sunlight from coming in. Cans of empty soda surrounded a small girl who was fixated on a glowing screen. She didn't look away and only spoke, her thumbs continuing to press buttons in a wild...
  7. slifer

    The Time Traveler (MxM or MxF)

    Since I am horrible with titles, here's my totally original title. Ahem. Hi, I'm Slifer! A time-travelling biographer goes into the past to find a certain famous person, to document their life. What better way to do that then to befriend said famous person? Unfortunately, they become a little...
  8. Yanaike

    Craving for Adventure!

    Hello there! My name is Yanaike and I’m craavvving for adventure! I’m looking for a RP-partner to go on an epic quest or explore the unknown. I love surprises, secrets, going all-in with our imagination, weird worlds… I hope you get the idea! I believe a plot is much more successful if we...
  9. KatherinWinter

    A - Z Ideas

  10. York

    Murder Game XVI: The Time Crisis (IC)

    See here for Signups and more Info Round 1 Mid-Round Update (1) Round 2 Mid-Round Update (2) Round 3 Mid-Round Update (3) Round 4 Mid-Round Update (4) Epilogue "Do you feel it too?" "Yes... They have arrived..." "... But... Will they do it?... Can they?" "I... Do not know... But we...
  11. K

    Kitten's Search for Fun!

    Hi there!~ So uhm.. I'm Kitten! https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/2e/66/c9/2e66c92474c5a3c578692d3464526914.jpgI'm new here... and I figured what is best way to find some good roleplay partners? Post a little thread thingy! That's what this is =D So yeah. Well, here's some explanation...
  12. York

    Murder Game XVI: The Time Crisis (Signups/Info)

    Before you read any further, please check the General Chat, RP Discussion and our Discord Server for OOC chatter and such. More information is available on the wiki if need be! "What was the start of all this? When did the cogs of fate begin to turn? Perhaps it is impossible to grasp...
  13. Fox of Spades


    Walpurgisnacht - Cry the Cat A 1x1 between @Fox of Hearts and @Fox of Spades "This is the fate of all who sign the contract."
  14. Mythy the Dragon-Wolf

    Agents Temporalis

    OOC Thread LAUNCH DAY: 3 HOURS UNTIL LAUNCH Current Era: IRL Current Quest: Meet up and party! < @Quiet One @Esper @Crow @CyanDies > ~~~~~~~~~ Today was Friday - a near-universal good day, as college classes ended for the weekend, other schools did too, and many jobs were on hold for the...
  15. Mythy the Dragon-Wolf

    Agents Temporalis VRMMORPG Signups and OOC

  16. Mythy the Dragon-Wolf

    Agents Temporalis (non-serious meta-VRMMORPG )

    Premise Agents Temporalis: A genre-bending, full-dive VMMORPG where the players are part of a special group of soldier. The Agents Temporalis, a taskforce created to protect the timeline from the time-travelling Temporals, an alien race hoping to colonize Aurastia for themselves. The Temporals...
  17. K

    Dragon's Heart: The Demon's Eye

    __________________ 「 」 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Dragon's Heart: The Demon's Eye is a sequel to Dragon's Heart: Part I, which has not been published yet therefore everyone who participates in this roleplay will be experiencing a world already created and already had a ending. You will be...
  18. M

    A Bunch of Ideas

    Hi there. Having recently found myself at a lack of certain type of stimuli, here I go again. I enjoy writing a lot and coming up with characters and stories - and letting them develop at their own pace - is something I am looking to get from Iwaku once more. As of now, I can offer at least a...
  19. Arwen

    Partner request

    Looking for someone who can... -make multiple posts per day (at least two) (if you can't one day just tell me example 'hey will be busy tomorrow might not be able to post'. I also know that things come up last minute, so if you can't tell me up front its no big deal but if it is something that...
  20. YuriLucien

    Wild West Town of Deadwood

    Wild West Town of Deadwood OOC: OPEN SIGNUPS - Welcome to the Wild West General Store Saloon/Hotel Hotel Deadwood Jail Sheriff's Station Blacksmith's Workshop Avery (volunteer) has woken up just outside the saloon.