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  1. S

    BBcode Guide

    I think Iwaku should make a guide specifically for BBcodes (unless it already has one). I would normally use my knowledge from another site, but the codes seem to be different here than over there. Also, a few more tags would help when creating a thread.
  2. kana

    Looking for A Partner! (:

    Hello there! My name is Ashdyn, but I go by my favorite muse's name, Diesel. I am looking for a partner to roleplay with. I am not online all the time, but I do try to reply as much as I can. Please have patience with me. I get irritated when people spam me over not replying right away, and it...
  3. dalecOoOoOoOoOper

    The Fear Of Darkness: Mr. Scratch's game

    Bright Falls. Day. Morning. 11:59. Almost 12. You've been driving since the early times of morning, the sun now hitting your face as you feel its warmth engulf your face, a light smile of relief as you see the sign of the idyllic town that says "Welcome to Bright Falls!" You were nearby...
  4. C

    Victorian Era Plot

    Based off of the new horror movie, Crimson Peaks. It begins with a simple rumor. A young man known for his sudden outburst of social status lurks around the day. He is accompanied by wise men. These wise men bear vast knowledge of their profession and the people surrounding them. They spoke...
  5. dalecOoOoOoOoOper

    The Fear of Darkness: Mr. Scratch's Game.

    Are you interested in horror? Have you played Alan Wake? Then come here! To The Fear of Darkness! As in commemoration to Alan Wake, I've made a roleplay way before that.. Way before Alan arrived.. Way before the Bright Falls events... No, I mean, before all of it! So to maintain the basis...
  6. dalecOoOoOoOoOper

    The Fear of Darkness: Mr. Scratch's Game.

    The wind hits your face, cool and brisk, as you make your way into the logging town of Bright Falls, the dark night consuming you. You feel like you're being watched, but your friends just think it's paranoia. You're supposed to stay in the town for 2 days, as you wait for your barge to take you...