Speculative scifi where the predominant technology functions on steam power, especially associated with influences and fashion from the Victorian era.
  1. moffnat

    The Return of Sansa Stark

    Holy shit. After a hiatus of about a year and a half, I've finally returned to the site! For those of you who don't know me (so probably most of you), I'm Sansa. I used to be a staff member here on Iwaku, but I was diagnosed with bowel disease in the middle of junior year of college ALL while...
  2. Mythy the Dragon-Wolf

    Council of the Iron Kingdoms OOC & Signups

    Premise: The Players are journeymen Warcsters who are part of a council where leaders of Cygnar, Khador, The Protectorate of Menoth, Retribution of Scyrah, mercenaries and even the Dwarves of Ruhl are meeting to try and combine arms against the quickly-growing Cryx threat. However, as such an...
  3. Mythy the Dragon-Wolf

    Warmachine/Iron Kingdoms Interest?

    Hello everyone! My name is Mythy and it is a pleasure to meet you. I find myself wanting to do an Iron Kingdom RP despite being utterly new to the lore. I am learning from books and videos, so patience would be appreciated. :) My first thoughts are the players will be from Cygnar, however most...
  4. Wooseog Ryu

    Casting a line (One on Ones, FXM)

    Hi gang! My name is Sun and it appears my partners have vanished on me, so I am on the hunt again looking for some partners to roleplay with. I need to let my creative wings spread, and am hopeful one of the lovely people here can help out! I'll start with a few guidelines, what you can...
  5. neriasurana

    fandom / original roleplay search

    hello everyone! my name is neriasurana and I'm on the neverending hunt for some good roleplays. I'll try to keep this relatively short and sweet, but if you have any questions, please feel free to message me or email me directly at: --x A B O U T 22 y/o ; full-timer ; ba...
  6. R

    Steampunk, Fantasy & Pirates

    Hello Iwaku, I'm glad to say that I've managed to settle into my college dorm without much trouble, and while I'm nervous about classes starting next week I wanted a way that I'd be able to blow off steam and get my mind off classes when I'm not out around campus or hanging out with other...
  7. The Mood is Write

    A Real Fan

    Vacation time. Finally, for two years, Crow was free of that wretched feline, of ungrateful Hunters, of rebellious dolls—for two lovely years, he could relax and take care of himself for once. His first day, he slept until his joints hurt and he couldn't stand to lay down any longer. The...
  8. S

    Haven of Plays

    Welcome! Call me Abys, and I'm looking for a role play buddy (obviously). I am not interested in romantical role plays, nor a romance in role play. I have plenty of romance in my real life, for example, my fiancé is sticking stickers on my face that he peeled off of his wine bottle. What I'd...
  9. Alyxsandre

    ヽ(。▽°)ノ Give Me Broships & Stuff! | Artists?

    • Lost in the Sea of an Over-Active Mind... • I'M SORRY THAT I KEEP VANISHING AND COMING BACK, IWAKU ;A;/ But ahem //clears throat... Hello there. I'm Alyxsandre, better known as Nia, but you can call me Alyx if you'd rather. I'm a 24-year-old kid with no gender alignment whatsoever...
  10. Warden

    Requiem for a Changing World

    “The Eyes of Bathala clouded The Wellspring of Creation, overflowing, And from the hands of the All-Being The children of the earth were wrought, Gifted the world unending” The Primordial Order Prologue “ Red ” Situated in the wide plains of central Luzvimin, Aesyth cuts an impressive image...
  11. Warden

    Requiem for a Changing World - OOC

    Magic is a living thing, older than the world itself. The Primordial Order said that the Gods wove it into being to serve as the ichor from which the Magicals and all other life was born. They say that it's a harmony which guided every soul into growth and purpose, and if you strain your senses...
  12. Warden

    CHARACTER INDEX Requiem for a Changing World - Character Index

    Interest Check | Lore | Character Index | OOC | IC PROTAGONISTS ANTAGONISTS The Venomeroth NOTABLE NPCS Aesyth
  13. Warden

    Requiem for a Changing World

    Magic is a living thing, older than the world itself. The Primordial Order said that the Gods wove it into being to serve as the ichor from which the Magicals and all other life was born. They say that it's a harmony which guided every soul into growth and purpose, and if you strain your senses...
  14. Warden

    ADDITIONAL INFO Requiem for a Changing World - Lore

    World Races Religion and Ideologies Politics and Factions Concepts Timeline Let's refer to the current RP date as AL [Alusine]. The current year is the 199th year of the Alusine calendar. The Primordial Order renames the calendar around the 200-year mark, following a cyclic pattern in their...
  15. C

    Looking for Original and Fandom Friends!

    Hello ladies and gents and welcome to my latest partner search! I’m Another Oat’s Oath, aka Ooah, and have been roleplaying on and off for over a decade. I believe myself to be approachable, so if my resume and the following blurb does not answer your questions, feel free to send me a PM; I...
  16. Heffy


    Mia yelped in pain as she slammed into the earth below, tumbling through the dust and weeds. Coughing, she struggled to lift her upper body, with grunts and heavy breaths. She could only watch on as the steam train plowed on ahead, the cars barreling past one by one. Her ticket to the next town...
  17. C

    An Oaahian Search for RPs

    Hello friend! I'm Ooah, a long time roleplayer with a difficult muse. I've been writing rp posts for over a decade and am now proud to have a relatively pain-free writing style after many trials and errors. Of the slower but heftier kind (I rarely post anything faster than once a day if I go for...
  18. A

    Mindbreak/Multiverse/Monster Girl/Gaming+Etc Fandom or OC

    Hello! Glad you could make it, you can call me Vuro. I'm just some woman looking to write collaboratively on the topics mentioned above and below. I hope you find something that interests you. Please PM me if you have any questions. Goal: I've been wanting to play something that skirts the...
  19. Onyx

    Kidnap Me (mxm, possibly fxf, adventure/steampunk)

    This won't be romance focused, but I'm placing the request here in Redstar Connections due to the likelihood of romance/sex occurring. That and I just prefer to roleplay with people over the age of 18! This would be a lore heavy/world building focused plot, taking place in a steampunk-esque...
  20. Queen_Nobody

    Cieltermer OOC

    This is the ooc for cieltermer. i'll be putting notes up on the first post and this will serve as our chat for now. I welcome questions and stuff. do note, the info isn't complete. The Add