slice of life

Containing or focusing on events from everyday life and mundane scenarios.
  1. PinkPixieDust

    Pixie's Partner Search (Romance, Fandoms, Originals)

    Hello everyone!! I am searching for new partners to start some roleplays with. I prefer long term but if you have a short term idea, don't hesitate to let me know. I'm open to all things! Before we get to the plots, I just want to mention the Dos and Don'ts of being a potential rp partner. *DO...
  2. Bryce

    Foster Brothers MxM (Sub Needed)

    They maybe considered nothing more than just foster brothers however their true feelings are revealed after one night alone when his little brother dares Zyler to kiss him. What will happen afterwards? -Character Sheet- Name: Zyler Cain Fire Age: 24 Height: 6'4" Body Type: Muscular/Athletic...
  3. Nahellion

    Army of Women: The Never-Ending Journey (FxF, and FxM)

    (I got permission from @CrystineLucarnia to format my 1 x 1 search like this. Please do look at her search threads if interested. She does MxM and FxF:
  4. Nahellion

    Army of Men: The Never-Ending Journey (MxM, and MxF)

    (I got permission from @CrystineLucarnia to format my 1 x 1 search like this. Please do look at her search threads if interested. She does MxM and FxF:
  5. Wooseog Ryu

    Casting a line (One on Ones, FXM)

    Hi gang! My name is Sun and it appears my partners have vanished on me, so I am on the hunt again looking for some partners to roleplay with. I need to let my creative wings spread, and am hopeful one of the lovely people here can help out! I'll start with a few guidelines, what you can...
  6. N

    Air Gear/ Jet Set Radio Roleplay Invitation

    Been looking for a roleplay where you can both relax, enjoy slice of life, make good interesting stories while at the same time having the option to shoot tornadoes, laser beams, and even disappear from people? Ever wanted to have a Jet Set Radio RP with a little more flair?! Come Join Air Gear...
  7. Bryce

    More than a Pupil MxM (Sub Needed)

    [Your Character] is a Presley's new student who apparently really enjoys his books. What happens when do to unusual circumstances he ends up being Presley's roommate as well as his student? -Character Sheet- Name: Presley Niles Baldwin *Nickname: Pres* Age: 29 Height: 6'4 Body Type...
  8. H

    Looking To Be More Active Again!

    Hello!! Welcome to my thread, kiddos. So, lately I've been pretty inactive (obviously you can tell because my name is gray), but if you read the title of this thread you know I wish to change that! Group roleplays are more stressful for me so I'll just be looking for some 1x1's for now...
  9. C

    Hello there!

    Hello there, I'm Clumsy Goat, but I can go by Clumsy, Goaty, Goat, wanna-be-bovine, as long as it isn't too vague I'll probably respond to it. I'm 21, female, and from Minnesota, used to roleplay a lot when I was in Middle School then life got in the way and I'm just now coming back to it. Just...
  10. Bryce

    Partners In Crime MxF or MxM *Sub needed*

    [Your Character] is a newly recruited cop and is assigned to be partners with the most respected and well known cop Officer Bruce King. Is can't be anymore of a relationship than that... Can it? -Character Sheet- Name: Bruce Leonardo King Age: 24 Height: 6ft Body Type: Athletic/Muscular...
  11. Beatrice

    [18+ MxM. Slice-of-life. Always Open!!!] Snowing in New York.

    Hi there! I'm just going to start by telling you a little bit about me. I'm female, 21, and from England - I've been role-playing since I was about 13, and I love doing it :-) Now these are the general rules (don't worry, there aren't too many): - Please be 18 or over, but I'm 21 so I'd like...
  12. Rebornfan120

    1x1 anime or game roleplay request

    Well after being left hanging at a planning phase of a roleplay I decided to try to look for a RP again even though part of me thinks I should take a step back. Well here are my guidelines: posting expectations: Beginner to adapt Posting timetable: Daily to semiweekly, flexible Posting...
  13. T

    Teacup's MxM Search [Open] [Seeking Doms]

    Hello, friends, Nico here! I'm looking for a few partners to do roleplays with. I'm strictly only looking for Male x Male romance right now with. Not really feeling MxF, sorry, so don't ask. I have some plots, pairings, and fandoms. So please care to take a look. I usually look for a 50/50 of...
  14. Bryce

    Step Siblings

    Bryce's father is soon to be remarried and to add to this surprise he ends up having a gorgeous 17 year old step sister. They maybe 6 years apart but will that and being his soon to be step sister prevent them from fulfilling their lustful desires... And is this actually love? -Character...
  15. U

    Noxies Search for Partners

    Hello there, i'm UnrealNox. You can call me Noxie. I'm looking for a partner who can do 1 to 3 paragraphs, is fairly descriptive, and can help me move the story along. Now... the plots! ____ is your character. I'd prefer you play a female if you want to do romance. I RP in PM's, so don't look...