science fantasy

Scifi that contains staple fantasy elements, OR a blended scifi/fantasy setting.
  1. Apollyon

    Star Wars: Darkside of the Eclipse

    I am looking for a partner, can be man or woman--who is at an adept level in terms of writing capability, and who knows Star Wars pretty well. I was wanting to do a one on one story wherein your character is mine's Jedi Master. The time period is the Old Republic. My character will be an Echani...
  2. Zero The Grimm

    RWBY Henceforward (with Hospes)

    R W B Y H e n c e f o r w a r d w/ @Hospes
  3. Hieronymous Phantom

    Nightlife: Bright Future

    (links to OOC thread)
  4. Hieronymous Phantom

    Nightlife: Bright Future [OOC] - Open for Business!

    (links to IC thread) Long ago, a small faction of self-proclaimed "freedom fighters" dubbed The Eclipse overthrew Solis Corp., a mercantile monolith that was getting its big start in Sundown City. Best that it was cut short, or at least its corrupt leadership. It was getting in way over its...
  5. C


    Pompeii. A city conquered by Romans. In the roman time, it was do or die. Serve the emperor, or die in a number of different gruesome deaths. Maybe you would be kept prisoner and forced to fight to the death against other slaves, freedom dangled in front of your face as an incentive, like a...
  6. Random

    Multiversal Fantasy RP (Carroll-inspired)

    it's not a crossover why does everyone think that Okay, so it's an idea that I've been picking at for some time, but I do like it enough to post it here despite a long period of inactivity. Yeah, because that's the perfect time to get it noticed. This concept takes the "multiverse theory"...
  7. Izurich

    Lux Aeterna

    "Extinction is the rule, Survival is the exception" ~Carl Sagan In the 27th Century, 5 centuries after the first successful planetary colonization project took place in Mars. Humanity has progressed into the space-faring era with colonies set up even beyond Earth's solar system, all made...
  8. conman2163

    Welcome to E.I. (Eternally Immortal) Group IC

    (OOC & Signups here) The year is 2020, a time of new opportunities, war, and change. And yet another change is coming. I wish to welcome you to a group called the E.I., a group of working towards world domination, using powers that are more than human. In this group everyone is immortal...
  9. conman2163

    Welcome to the E.I. (Eternally Immortal)

    (Group IC here) Hello, I have a few things I'd like you to know before you continue any further. First off, this rp is 14+ and there will be a minimum requirement of one paragraph (5-7 complete sentences) per post with a character, so if your not satisfying those conditions, my...
  10. G

    Fallout: Louisiana

    OOC Thread "War, war never changes...." “I still think the poster sucks.” Sten grumbled into his glass. The ghoul was sitting at a table in the back corner with a clear view of everyone in the bar. Bob's Bayou Bar (and Flophouse) was a rather quiet establishment, at least at this hour, and...
  11. Izurich

    Lux Aeterna (Space Fantasy RP)

    "Extinction is the rule, Survival is the exception" ~Carl Sagan =Introduction= Dear Potential RP Partners, I, Izurich. am once again back with a Space Fantasy-themed RP plot, inspired by serieses such as, Gundam, Starship Troopers, Astebreed, Darius, and many others. Please, do take a...
  12. Squee

    The Labyrinth Planet.

    As if waking from a terrible nightmare, James had found himself opening his eyes to a setting bright with light and greenery. An empty field, though his eyes struggled to adjust to the light. Last he remembered, he'd been waiting on his ship ready to welcome death with open arms. Perhaps that is...
  13. L


    MowDreans Bar It was a rather quiet night at the Seattle bar. MowDrean, the Troll bartender, quietly observed his patrons. In the far corner, a masked man sat with his feet kicked up. Quake smoked a cigarette thru a small opening thru his mask. He awaited quietly for the other Shadow-Runners...
  14. conman2163

    Welcome to E.I. (Eternally Immortal)

    Hello, and welcome to my interest check, first off, I plan to make this rp 14+ and their will be a minimum requirement of one paragraph per post with a character, so if your not satisfying those conditions, my recommendation is to go ahead and click out, it just isn't worth wasting your time...
  15. G

    Fallout: Louisiana OOC

    IC Thread STORY Cobb's Pier was a lot like most every other major settlement, a fortified town with guards patrolling the entrances, there was a bar, shops, some rudimentary form of government and the occasional caravan. In fact, the only thing of note was a colorful poster off to the side...