Horror that relies on fear and emotional instability to build tension.

    ↟ Hunting For a New Rp [plots, pairings, & fandoms]↟

    Introduction time!Hello all, I am the Smol Queen, and welcome to my thread! I hope you find something you like down below, and if you do— I would love if you could respond below or PM me, whichever works best! So, here’s some things to know about me: ✿ Feel free to call me Smol! ✿ I am 19 years...
  2. Gossip

    Unusual, Unromantic Paired RP Request

    Welcome to my rather strange search for a character about to slowly realise that their relationship with their significant other is unhealthy. That's right, no roses and laughter here, this will be drama, psychological and maybe even thriller depending on how fucked up the relationship will end...
  3. Rosé Moon

    Rosé's one-on-one partner request.

    Alright, so, I've never compiled a list of desires before, and it feels a little selfish, but I'm going to power through it and see if anyone wants to play along! Ahem, *clears throat repetitively* SO, what I'm looking for is a partner that can play a role in a couple different possible plot...
  4. Apollyon

    The Dark Zone

    "The Dark Zone" On December 31st, 2016 at exactly 11.59 P.M, the history of this country changed forever. While many watched with bated breath, cram packed into Times Square, as a lit sphere dropped counting down the seconds to a new year--a new beginning--several improvised explosive...
  5. Azazel

    Dark Wood's Circus ~ Sign-Up's

    IC Thread ~ CLICK HERE! A groan pours from your lips as your eyes slid open. The first thing you see is the blurry image of a blonde man standing in front of you. He appears to be wearing a red flowing coat and looking at you with a wide grin. You attempt to get up only to take note that...
  6. F

    Skeletons in the Closet

    Skeletons in the Closet On the day he broke his leg, Matthew Lyons saw something in the White Woods. A flash of orange and a strange shadow that clung to mossy flesh like a second skin, it was just like Kelsey said. He wasn’t superstitious, and he wasn’t one to believe in silly urban legends...
  7. J

    Murder XX: A Night In Terror Town

    Prologue - A stop at nowhere The ringing of a fire alarm would stir you from your current position. Eyes fluttering up you found yourself somewhere unfamiliar. You found yourself inside what seemed to be a derelict bus station. How you had gotten there was anyone’s guess. Quickly however...
  8. J

    A Night in Terror Town, a horror rp

    Please see the group's General Chat / RP Discussion / Discord Server for OOC talk. You can check out the wiki for more info. A Night in Terror Town The rp will be starting October 15th. Sign-ups will continue past the game starting, but only for a little while. Premise You were hoping...
  9. C

    Takumi's Search

    ↝ Yeah, I'm advanced but I've only got a 3 paragraph minimum and as long as you try, I'll write with you. ↝ I prefer writing with other people like myself, that can play both genders. Having to play the male every time isn't fair, and it's boring. I don't have a preference, until I'm playing...
  10. Pahn

    Pahndora's Box of Horrors Pahndora's Box of Horrors To whomever receives this, The Nightmare world is worse than I imagined. The horrors I see at every turn, the screams that resonate through my skull, the eyes looking at me through holes in the walls... I don't know how much longer I...
  11. Stray Cat

    sᴇᴇᴋɪɴɢ ʟᴏɴɢ ᴛᴇʀᴍ ᴘᴀʀᴛɴᴇʀ [ ͏ғᴀɴᴅᴏᴍs ɪɴsɪᴅᴇ ]

    roleplay request: 09.13.17 memo: I have returned after a long and unforeseen hiatus, long story short some real-life issues emerged [ one in particular being of the health variety, that had me back and forth at the doctor ] thus keeping me away from the roleplay world. So, I apologise to...
  12. O

    "That.", a group dark terror / psychological horror RP.

    So this will probably be my last stab at a RP as I don't want to have too many and be overwhelmed with balancing IRL things wityh RP things, but I'm really itching to get this idea to rp stage. Basically the plot would feature nothing but the most disturbing themes of graphic horror, and...
  13. S

    Hatred In My Blood (FxM) (Doubling Encouraged)

    Hello Iwaku RPers, It's me, Sukai. I have many ideas in my mind, but I think the one that is most prevalent is the idea of betrayal and punishment. Lately, that's something I've been thinking about. But let's get to the plots, shall we? Plot Idea #01: A vampire princess who rules the Moon is...
  14. A

    Bored, let's write something

    Eh I haven't really done much these past few years but today is an specially boring day so I'm interested in writing with someone, and considering iwaku deleted my old fucking account, I can't get in contact with any of my old partners. Anyways I had a few ideas for this so idk let me know if...
  15. Cheek

      * ━ . see you space cowboy | partnersearch

    whatever happens, happens. [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] Please do not post in this thread as it will be used for updates!
  16. Esmeray

    The House of Verraad

    W E L C O M E - - - - Interest Check / OC / IC / Discord The Verraad Estate is a dark mystery, survival, horror-esque kind of role-play that is heavily based off of the table top board game known as Betrayal at the House on the Hill. It's setting being a fictitious representation of modern day...
  17. Esmeray

    The House of Verraad - [Mystery/Thriller/Horror/Survival][OPEN!]

    In the small town of Oakridge, Oregan, nestled snugly upon the valley town's scenic mountains, lies the Verraad Estate. A large property hidden away behind the ever expansive coniferous trees of the north. Left alone and untouched for many decades, maybe even hundreds of years. Yet, despite its...
  18. C

    Partner Search (FxM)

    Hello! I'm just going to cut right to the chase with what I'm looking for in a partner and what you can expect from me, so apologies for being blunt. However, if we end up being a good fit for one another, stay tuned for some plot ideas! Preferences I'm looking for someone willing to play a...
  19. Kiga

    Long-term RPer returning from a long hiatus; Now searching for partners!

    Once more I'm trying to get back into the spirit of roleplaying! It's been....I think...2 years since I've done a steady roleplay with a group or at least someone other than my girlfriend =v=); With life starting to kick my butt, I've turned to roleplaying once more to keep me motivated and...
  20. Pahn

    House of the Dying Sons [Tales & Characters]

    A horror and historical fiction story as written by @Turtle Knight and @Pahn