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  1. M

    Seeking a partner to brainstorm vampireness with(;

    HELLO THERE. Sooo... I'm looking for someone who'll write fantasy with me, specifically pertaining to vampires. I have some ideas floating around in my head but they're both vague and a bit cliche, so we'd have to fill them out together. Basically, I need a brainstorm buddy who's down for...
  2. G

    seeking RP partner - (post-apocalypse, amnesia, SOL)

    What I Don't Want High fantasy elements - moderate is okay but full-blown Twilight saga is a no-go for me What I Do Want Good plot A partner who will be willing to respond at least 3 times a week Ideas 1.) Apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic: Lately I have been reading a book called Station...
  3. D

    ALWAYS OPEN Ever Searching: Literate partners please!

    Heyo! So, I was in a really bad car accident a few months back and had to abruptly leave. I just got out of the ICU two weeks ago and just got electronics today so I'd like to start a few roleplays. If there were any people I had a roleplay going with that would like to continue, please send me...
  4. G

    Kingdoms on the Burning Continent: A feudal japan themed fantasy setting and sandbox

    Lore Factions The Clans of the Burning Continent: The clans of the burning continent are many and all vie for control of it using all they have at their disposal. Each has an animal as it's representation, a personification of what traits they value. The North people: The native inhabitants of...
  5. UnAngelVerde

    Partner Request: Need more RP!

    Hello to everyone! My real name's Mariano, i'm a 20 years old guy from Argentina and i'm looking for new partners. Ok, first off, let's go with what kind of things you can expect of me, alright? - First of all, i post on a daily or almost daily basis, and many times a day since i study with...
  6. Mollisol

    Partner Search - futuristic, post-apocalyptic, and more

    Hi! My name is Mollisol. I'm a 20-year-old horticulture student (which basically means I'm learning cool stuff about gardening and plant propagation), and I'm taking a few classes over the summer and looking for a job. I'll be able to post daily or semidaily, hopefully more often, barring things...
  7. Yanaike

    Craving for Adventure!

    Hello there! My name is Yanaike and I’m craavvving for adventure! I’m looking for a RP-partner to go on an epic quest or explore the unknown. I love surprises, secrets, going all-in with our imagination, weird worlds… I hope you get the idea! I believe a plot is much more successful if we...
  8. Volo Morior

    1x1 gender bender, mxm

    Intro: Hello! I am looking for a partner for a specific plot, but if you want to rp a different plot hit me up too! I am fairly active (between addicted and a few posts a week) I prefer bulky posts unless there is conversation or something, then I don't mind short posts to move it along. Also...
  9. V

    Violet's Partner Search

    [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide]
  10. B

    Mass Effect: Recon [IC]

    THE BEGINNING / THE CITADEL How marvelous the Citadel was, the amalgamation of so many races gathered over the frenetic passage of space-time. The revelation that the Citadel was of Reaper-make had initially threatened to hamper the rebuilding efforts, although the resurgence of the Citadel was...
  11. Solunae

    Chronicles of PAGAN: Arc 1

    Chronicles of PAGAN IC THREAD This Reality is not the one you are accustomed; this reality - that reeks of death and of fear is slowly being consumed by things classified as SHADES. The Agents of PAGAN are all that stands between humanity and the Darkness that lurks around every corner, down...
  12. Solunae

    PAGAN Agents

    Agents of PAGAN A CHARACTER INDEX On this thread you will see all of our members and all of their Character creations for the Chronicles of PAGAN. For now member will run only one character - with limited NPCs if they so choose to. I will be running the Noteable NPCs and my own character as well...
  13. Solunae

    Chronicles of PAGAN

  14. chaotic romantic

    The Originals (TV show) - Sign Ups

    Hola! So, if you clicked on this, then I assume you have watched at least some of The Originals. I, myself, am almost done with season 2, but have had plenty of spoilers. I am sure I will catch up soon. I was hoping to get a group of roleplayers together that are part of this fandom so that we...
  15. AshenAngel

    They Met At The Brink

    It was dark, but the stars shined brightly over the execution platform. The torches were lit, shining in righteous red flame and illuminating the hanging pole, two nooses hung with care. A small crowd was amassed, ready to watch the spectacle about to unfold. A double execution wasn't completely...
  16. B

    Mass Effect: Recon [OOC]

    Commander Aleksandr Markovich / 39 Years Old / Rebellious Spectre[/center][/TAB] Seargent Decimus 'Dec' Caeril / 36 Years Old / Team Dad Operations Chief Annabelle Hensick / 24 Years Old / "Run and Gun" Druin Thail / 22 Years Old / Young Drell Emeris V'Nasava / 127 Years Old / Scarlet Marked...
  17. Resonance

    1x1 Searching with Plots

    Hello! You must be interested in what I have to offer, so I will get started with a real quick thing about me. ~~About Me~~ My Past With Writing: I've been roleplaying for about ten years now and granted, while I was not the best when I began, I have grown much more advanced. I've been writing...
  18. J

    Shiny New Interest Check - Fandoms and Originals - Adept to Advanced my over-caffeinated interest check where everything is delightfully garish and pink.I am new to this particular site but not at all new to roleplaying. I've got 15+ years of experience. I am over the age of majority and require that my partners be as well. I anticipate pretty much all...
  19. E

    elie's roleplay search!

    Hello everyone! You may have seen me floating around and looking for people to role play Dragon Age with me, but now I'm here for a more generic roleplay search! Info *22 years old *college graduate with a degree in Communication and Creative Writing *been role playing since I was like 11 ayo...
  20. N

    Looking For New RP Partners .3.

    Yo yo! it's ya boy Necro's coming to you live to where ever the dead rise. Kidding. I'm gonna be honest I haven't been on in such a long time. Well, to start, let me give you a bit of information about myself. I'm a twenty-two year old Guy. Very laid back and relax, a bit of a joker, but none...