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  1. SadistPoet

    Little girls have feelings too! (Unconventional Magical Girl Road Trip RP)

    What is Feminine? It was not until 1987 that the American Academy of Pediatrics formally declared that anesthetics must be used on babies during surgery. Prior to this, a choice few individuals, despite screams and cries of the sweet infant, insisted that the reactions were just reflex. It was...
  2. Absyinthe

    Willows' Roleplay Perks Guide #3: Knowledge & Ability Points

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  3. Absyinthe

    Willows' Roleplay Perks Guide #2: Classes

    - When spicing up your roleplay, you can add classes for the characters to be aligned to. In my experience with classes, I have made them have duties that correspond within the roleplay plot. For example, in my group roleplay A Planet to Colonize: Floranota, I have six classes that can wield the...
  4. Absyinthe

    Willow's Roleplay Perks Guide #1: Experience & Leveling Systems

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  5. Jorick

    Using Dice in a Forum Roleplay

    Introductory Things As the title indicates, this workshop is all about using a dice system for a roleplay, specifically for play-by-post roleplays. They work a little differently than tabletop RPGs, so the dice system you use shouldn't necessarily be identical to what you'd find in Dungeons &...
  6. H

    Vehicle Build System.

    So, I am CO-Gming a Mad Max style post apoc setting. And While the Actual GM work on the world building, I decided to put together a frame work for making a car (As they are integral to the Road Warrior style of rp it will be) The system is very basic and consist of Point Buy. You expend...
  7. Astaroth

    Dice Roleplay 101

    You may have noticed certain threads tagged with the following: dice - This roleplay uses dice or random number generation to determine the outcome of certain events. As the wiki defines, roleplays tagged with "dice" use physical/computer-generated dice or randomly generated numbers to...
  8. The Rules of Roleplay Fighting and Dumbed-Down Examples

    Turn-based Textual Combat (TB, T1, para), is dependent upon the honesty and integrity of players, as well as their ability to out maneuver their opponents whilst thinking laterally, following a logical course of progression. By this, each player is the sole judge of their character and what...