npc help

  1. Minibit

    Playing Multiple Characters & Using NPCs

    Why should I Care? Most roleplays will eventually require the inclusion of characters other than the Player Characters. Some players start with two (sometimes more!) characters This is sometimes called Doubling or Multi-playing Some GMs have a store of NPCs which they use throughout the...
  2. Brovo

    GM 101 Complete Guide

    In most of my guides, I typically avow a lack of absolute knowledge on the topic at hand. In this guide, however, this disclaimer is a little different. First: I am a GM, and have been for years. Ten years to the date, to be exact. I was terrible at it for the first couple of years, too, so...
  3. Minibit

    Populating your World

    I posted a little bit about John and Jane Doe in Lstorm's discussion about World Building Processes and thought I'd share more about this shortcut to culture development! Most of how you show off your culture in a world is through the characters. The only real alternative is to spend more time...