next-gen characters (fandom)

Focusing on/seeking characters who are related to the canon characters (usually their children) and/or who succeed them after their retirement.
  1. Raven

    Titans North

    A new group of teens moved to Esteria City. Most of their parents happen to know each other and felt that the city was in need of heroes. While their kids were finally ready to experience teamwork, and the friendships. Some know each other some have never met. Can these heroes come together and...
  2. R

    Charmed: The Next Generation

    It’s been about two decades since the Charmed Ones had defeated the Hollow, forcing the demons and other inhabitants of the Underworld into hiding. This decrease in evil activity allowed for the break the Charmed Ones so desperately wanted and let them focus on love and starting their own...
  3. Mysty

    In Their Footsteps - Harry Potter Sec-Gen [OOC/SIGN-UPS]

    IC THREAD: CLOSED SIGNUPS - In Their Footsteps | IC Hogwarts will always be here to welcome you home. Have you ever wondered what happened to our heroes after Hogwarts? Have you ever wondered what their children would be like? Would they be heroic and brave like their heritage, or would...
  4. L

    Warrior Cats: The Next Generation

    What if the twolegs never destroyed the warrior's old forest? What if they were left to live their lives in peace after Scourge? Years have passed since the threat of Scourge. New generations of warriors are made, generations pass quietly and peacefully. The strong reign of Firestar has long...
  5. J

    Naruto: An Akatsuki Story {IC}

    | OOC | SignUps | In the land of water there was a rumor that if one traveled out into the deepest part of the ocean they would find an island shrouded in the thickest fog. Now if you were ask any of the locals what was on the island you would get multiple different answers. Children would...
  6. J

    Naruto: An Akatsuki Story {SignUps}

    Peace has fallen over the nations but not everyone is content with it. There are some people who just crave the chaos, the bloodshed and the destruction. These people are the ones who have been chosen to become the next Akatsuki. Though this time instead of just throwing a group of crazed...
  7. KatherinWinter

    Fairytale Reform School

    We all know that teenagers live to rebel. Whether they do it to test the boundaries or they totally disagree with their parents teenagers thrive on doing things they shouldnt. So what do parents do when their teens rebellion threatens everything their world? The children of fairytales usually...
  8. F

    OVERWATCH: 2nd Generation. OCC and Signup ^_^

    You all know the stories and legends of those retired heros. How all of these heros, Human or Omnic, Saved the world. Then were shut down due to rumor. thanks to Winston's Actions, and Recalling the members, The team Exists today. Ready to train the next generation. The Generation...
  9. Hana

    Vampire Knight: The Blood That Binds Us

    The Blood That Binds Us is a post-canon Vampire Knight roleplay. Conceptualized and developed by Hana, the roleplay will feature the supernatural world of Vampire Knight - and go beyond what is seen in the manga. Suspense will be rife in the glamorous and mystical world of the vampires, the...
  10. Hana

    VAMPIRE KNIGHT - The Blood That Binds Us (1 SLOT)

    A thousand years has passed since the events of Vampire Knight. For the past millenia, the Pureblood Princess Yuuki Kuran has instated a new reign and new laws for the world of the vampires. Through the agreement of the other Pureblood clans, a new system was born. Every century, a new...
  11. Ghostie

    Happily Awkward After: Disney Arranged Marriage

    IC THREAD [/tabs] For a while now, Disney heroes and villains have been on good terms. None of them have had any really bad altercations, which is good. Their children on the other hand, tell a somewhat different story. They aren't on the worst of terms, but they certainly all aren't on the...
  12. Gerontis

    CHARACTER INDEX Rise of the New Generation: NPC/Clan thread

    Accepted NPC and Clan sheet Dump. | Roster | IC | Collaboration site | OOC |
  13. Gerontis

    The Rise of the New Generation

    Welcome to 'The New Generation'. A successful roleplay saga that has been build up by many amazing writers. We hope that you will like what you read. Perhaps even have the honours of getting to welcome you further into our midst and write with us! Introduction: 'The Rise of a New Generation'...