Focusing on the investigation of a crime or strange/unexplained happenings.
  1. Min

    little secrets || a riverdale rp (ooc)

    Not all characters will be accepted here. For the sake of other roleplayers and myself, I'd like this roleplay to be of quality. Most will be accepted but if your character sheet is one without thought, I won't hesitate to deny it. I'll give your CS a 'Like' and will send you a link to the...
  2. Min

    little secrets || a riverdale rp

    As the title suggests, I'd like to start a Riverdale-inspired rp. No knowledge of the series is needed at all. Just know that there will be murders, deceit, a bit of politics and a whole lot of drama. In this rp, like the series, it will start off with someone being missing or someone's body...
  3. Jays

    Pretia Libertatis, or the Price of Freedom

    [/CENTER] But the old God left behind more than its body. Artifacts remained, small gateways to tap into the ocean of faith, its pool of power. Scattered across the country, the artifacts are insignificant on their own, but together, they are a direct threat to the Powers that Be that cannot be...
  4. GalaxyHopper

    Blood On Snow AKA Norwegian Fixer

    Hello! So, since I am a new, but big fan of Jo Nesbo and I admit that I cried like a baby after finishing Blood On Snow, I just really got the craving of an rp of the same caliber, it's that simple. I've also bought Headhunters, The Son and Macbeth just recently, so I will be getting to reading...
  5. Jays

    Legend of the Kingmaker

  6. U

    DanganRonpa! Shopping Spree

    TAP TAP "Yo homies? Is this thing even on? I hope ya'll can hear me! I wanted to wake you sleepy ducks up. Teenagers these days sleep in until midnight and then just lay around in their rooms all day! Well I'm here to tell you ungrateful jerks to get out of bed! I've got a store to run! I mean...
  7. S

    Submarine Plots! [Plots and Pairings]

    [IM [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide]
  8. A

    Summer Requests!

    Hello everyone who reads this! My summer break finally started and I have a few months until I have school to get back too. So in the meantime, I'd love to take on a few RP partners. I'd prefer to RP with people who are 18+. I have a basic grasp of grammar, but I understand we all make...
  9. M

    Danganronpa: Alternate Location

    We at the new secondary location of Hope’s Peak High School strive for the same morals as the original Hope’s Peak; to promote hope and allow it to blossom. To do so, we make an effort to gather the most exceptional children that have reached high school age and help them grow into true beacons...
  10. M

    Dangan Ronpa OC RP

    So, I’m a bit new here, but I really want to do a Dangan Ronpa RP. My plan is that fifteen characters are submitted (my own will be the sixteenth) and all of them are put through a random number generator based on who is submitted first (since mine is the first one, so he’ll be in the #1 slot)...
  11. Jack Robinson

    Manifest Destiny (A Supernatural Western)

    "It's quite simple, chief," the man in black said, "You want the white man gone. I can help you. I can give you guns, sure, but anyone can give you guns. What I can give you...what I can give you will make the white man's guns obsolete. What I can give you will make you a god." Jaxon County...
  12. Spekkun

    Night of The Marauding Dead OOC

    The dead have risen, They take the tides. They're numbers swell, they take our lives. Our numbers dwindle, will we survive? @Greenie @Applo and I guess @Psycho Of Ireland
  13. Jorick

    One Day in Varden

    Welcome to Varden OOC Thread The town of Varden slowly came into view to the north as the group of adventurers crested a hill. Bits and pieces of the town and the farmland extending to the north had peeked through gaps in the undulating land and the trees atop it, but details had been hard to...
  14. Dmitry

    Seijin No Soushiki: Advent

    I don't remember much from those days. Or before that. Honestly, it's all kinda shot. But there is at least one thing that's still vivid, something at the start of it all. I remember the look on her face, looking down at me that day. Even through hazy, fading eyesight, her expression was...
  15. Demmy

    The Allin Forest Mystery

    The Allin Region is based around the forest and includes the forest, mountain range, city and any towns found nearby. It is the home of many different creatures, not all of them are hostile. Whilst it does get cold during the winter, it usually does not snow unless you are up i the mountains...
  16. Fallen Star

    Star is Looking!

    Thread Last Updated: 6/21/2018 Hi there! I'll try and not make this too lengthy. No promises though. I am 22 years old, currently going to college. But because of recent events, I won't be going back til the Fall so I have a lot of free time on my hands right now. I've been roleplaying since I...
  17. Esmeray

    Rose Witch Covenant

  18. Tzimisce

    Philosopher's Original Plots and Curiosities

    Greetings, Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Philosopher, a twenty-something university student from England who enjoys wasting time on the internet whilst listening to terrible music. I've been roleplaying for several years now, and am coming off of a rather long break. I'm looking to ease...
  19. S

    The Heart of Manhattan

    New York City; A metropolis plagued with crime and violence. To no surprise, a large amount of heroes are assigned to New York City. Their's is a job of securing and protecting the countless innocents in the Big Apple, a job which is no easy undertaking. Heroes die, are captured, or even...
  20. Jorick

    One Day In Varden OOC

    Table of Contents Calling All Heroes And Adventurers The Laws of the Land The Character Sheet The Modern World History and Lore In Character Thread Discord Server All are welcome in the server, even those not invited to the roleplay, so long as you don't become an annoyance to the players. In...