Focusing on the investigation of a crime or strange/unexplained happenings.
  1. T

    The Doll

    You are a detective in the seedy part of town. Life is dull, and you feel as if there is no point in doing your job. What are you protecting? What are you living for? You don't believe you know. That is until, you found them. A living doll, with ball joints and big purple eyes and soft hair, as...
  2. T

    Searching for a specimen- I mean, Partner. Yes, that is what I meant. [Mostly Horror Rps.]

    Hello, reader of this post. My name is Jekylline Hyde. I am 10 years old, with curly brown hair and blue eyes. I have attempted to correspond with you to extend to you both an invitation and a proposal. First, the invitation. I am willing to offer you a fully furnished Victorian manor, with all...
  3. Hana

    Vampire Knight: The Blood That Binds Us

    The Blood That Binds Us is a post-canon Vampire Knight roleplay. Conceptualized and developed by Hana, the roleplay will feature the supernatural world of Vampire Knight - and go beyond what is seen in the manga. Suspense will be rife in the glamorous and mystical world of the vampires, the...
  4. LoveIsInTheWriting

    Ratchet and Clank: The Mystery Behind Them

    Hey guys I am trying to find someone to play Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank because I have a side story in mind for the Lombax. Now the character is like any other teenager, hes funny, goofy but in the heat of battle he is serious and is quick on his feet mostly a sporty fellow. I wouldn't...
  5. Midnight Maiden

    Murder Game XII: Welcome to the Falls

    Prologue: The Lost Constellations Gravity Falls, Oregon. It wasn't the biggest town around, let alone the most popular. The people were weird, as was the town - but the weirdest of all were the secrets the town, itself, held within. Vampires, multibears, gnomes that stood on top of each...
  6. LuckycoolHawk9

    OPEN SIGNUPS Starlight City (IC chat)

    This is the IC for Starlight City. Here is the ooc where you may submit more characters or submit things out of character. Known Locations at the moment ( For now, there will only be seven main locations, as the forum grows, I will add more) Starlight Academy- The school Academy where students...
  7. Ringmaster

    What Lies Beneath IC

    I am Inqusitor Kyras and I write this record, as a log of our doings as we perform gods work. May it stand as a witness to our deeds when we are called before the great judge and prove us worthy. It has been a week since we began the slower journey to Barrow, Alaska. All the usual procedures...
  8. ~\The Talentless/~

    Genocide Of The Gifted

    OOC: CLOSED SIGNUPS - Genocide Of The Gifted The story: In the year 2024, life for the human race has changed exponentially. It all started when the sun had a super solar flare, this solar flare awoken a special type of gene for certain individuals. Giving them powers of supernatural...
  9. Izurich

    Lux Aeterna

    "Extinction is the rule, Survival is the exception" ~Carl Sagan In the 27th Century, 5 centuries after the first successful planetary colonization project took place in Mars. Humanity has progressed into the space-faring era with colonies set up even beyond Earth's solar system, all made...
  10. mango


    Down below.
  11. Izurich

    Lux Aeterna (Space Fantasy RP)

    "Extinction is the rule, Survival is the exception" ~Carl Sagan =Introduction= Dear Potential RP Partners, I, Izurich. am once again back with a Space Fantasy-themed RP plot, inspired by serieses such as, Gundam, Starship Troopers, Astebreed, Darius, and many others. Please, do take a...