Focusing on characters with extraordinary abilities that resulted from experimentation, exposure to radiation, or other scientific means.
  1. Outlaw-SSS

    Fallout Lonestar IC

    Welcome To Texas War. War never changes. Since the dawn of human kind, when our ancestors first discovered the killing power of rock and bone, blood has been spilled in the name of everything: from God to justice to simple, psychotic rage. In the year 2077, after millennia of armed conflict...
  2. -Kuroko-

    How bout a twist on Zombies? (Need Co-GM)

    Type of Roleplay: Zombies, Apocalypse, fantasy, future, drama, violence, romance, gore Inspiration: Resident Evil, Zombie Survival Guide, Left for Dead Creator/MOD HopeRazgriz The year is 2059 a dangerous pathogen known as "Vrykolas-Romero Virus" (VRV) Began infecting humans throughout the...
  3. Lonewolf888978

    Pathogen: Surviving the Seasons

    On July 6th, 2017 the first major case of the Sanguineous Terrestris, or now commonly called "Blood Bugs" appearing in the United States. A town in Vermont went under quarantine as the government went into action. Overnight half the towns population was rendered dead or dying. Less than a...
  4. Elle Joyner

    Nature of the Beast

  5. Camleen

    Rise Of The Marvels: The New Mutants A cab pulls up to the gate of the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, and said gate almost immediately opens. The car then pulls through the gate, and heads up the long drive towards the School proper. This particular cabbie has...
  6. Munchkin

    Who would ever make an Outlast RP?

    Me. I would. Because I'm fucked up and kinky. Hey, there, errybody! I'm Munchkin, recently graduated college, but squeezing in a few online classes in last minute to get that crisp diploma! Cons of online classes--can't get a job, and I'm constantly worried about studying... Pros--I can't...
  7. Huntress

    Trying to get back into the goove (FxF, FxM)

    Hey everyone, looking for some RP partners for FxF or FxM RP's I just got back from being abroad for about a month so I'm looking to get back into the groove RPing and writing with people, trying to get all this creativity flowing again. I am sitting on some RP's that are trying to re-boot...
  8. Outlaw-SSS

    Fallout Lonestar OOC & Lore

    Welcome To Texas War. War never changes. Since the dawn of human kind, when our ancestors first discovered the killing power of rock and bone, blood has been spilled in the name of everything: from God to justice to simple, psychotic rage. In the year 2077, after millennia of armed conflict...
  9. mr_pibbs

    Infinityverse: The Age of Heroes (Mass-Universe Superhero Crossover RP, See Inside for Details)

    Looking for 1-2 Co-GM's to help with plotting the threads/managing everything! PM me if interested! Dating back as far as humans have existed, so have those with extraordinary abilities. Historical figures such as Achilles who was supposedly impervious to attacks in all areas on his body but...
  10. Pahn

    Words are Weapons [Pahn needs more roleplays]

    Pahn's Partner Search Thread Thank you for clicking this absurdly Seether-inspired thread title! What I'm looking for Expectations ► Plotting: I write my best when I'm excited, so when I'm looking forward to your contribution. If I'm plottingg this thing all by myself, or if the most you can...
  11. G

    Retrograde - A Logan-based Mutant RP

    Damn Garp, back at it again with the violent X-men roleplays This roleplay would be set about 10-12 years after the events of "Logan." It would be centered around a new group of mutants who were created in the same way as Laura and her friends (created using base DNA from other mutants, grown...
  12. Doedie

    Lets Put the Science Back in Science Fiction! [Now with 100% more R rating]

    Science Fiction is a very misunderstood genre, because the name has been used interchangeably with Science Fantasy. I am not judging, but I've been there, done that, and it's not my style. So lets put the SCIENCE back in SCIENCE Fiction. Before you continue beyond this point, ensure that you...
  13. Camleen

    Rise Of The Marvels (IC Thread)

    Somewhere in the north/eastern hemisphere of our world… Sometime in the not so distant past.. (Translated from the German)“My friends.. my devoted...
  14. Camleen

    ADDITIONAL INFO Rise Of The Marvels: Info

    IC Thread!OOC Thread The Characters Interest Thread
  15. Camleen

    CHARACTER INDEX Rise Of The Marvels: Characters

    IC Thread!OOC Thread Info Thread Interest Thread
  16. Camleen

    Rise Of The Marvels: OOC

    IC Thread! The Characters Info Thread Interest Thread Posting Order! Laura - @Camleen Maria Hill Mystique - @Ms.Ezra Fandral/Wanda - @Gands Matt Murdock/Hope Van Dyne - @MST3K 4ever Logan - @Sir Kaltao Captain America/Lincoln/Ward - @LuckycoolHawk9 Jessica Jones/Jubilation Lee - @Michale CS...
  17. X

    1x1 (FxF) Post-Apocalypse Sci-Fi Craziness?!

    3/12/2017 - Original Posted 3/12/2017 - Changed some of the layout to make reading easier. Made the roleplay more obvious. Removed/changed some roleplay desires/requirements to allow more flexibility for the partner. Added 'Primary Premise' 3/13/2017 - Made what the races are more apparent...
  18. Camleen

    Comic Book RP... Marvel? Prolly

    IC Thread! The Characters Info Thread OOC Thread Rise Of The Marvels (Working Title, AU Marvel RP/Story) World War 2 Era ~Super Soldier Serum developed by Dr. Abraham Erskine in Germany at the start of World War 2. Johann Schmidt takes the formula, becoming the Red Skull. Erskine escapes to...
  19. Huntress

    Looking for 1 x 1 partners. (FxF and MxF) ALWAYS TRYING TO UPDATE [redstar ver.]

    Hello everyone, Huntress here. First I'd like to thank you for checking my thread and I do hope that you are interested in some of the things I have to offer. I thought I could post a redstar version of my thread up because I know some people might choose to skip the regular partner search...
  20. Mahou-Shoujo

    Heroics Don't Pay! (A super hero story type thing)

    Aiko City, technological capital of the world and home to heroes... At least that's what the fliers say. While it is home to super powered individuals, very few are successful heroes and most are homeless nuisances, hiding in abandoned buildings and trying to scrape together a living. This is...