magical realism

Taking place in a realistic world where magical or fantasy elements are subtly present and are treated as unremarkable.
  1. Almalthia

    Wheel of Time

    If anyone is interested let me know. I'm looking for people who know the series but want to run their own version. To be determined what Age to start in by the players.
  2. Sav

    {AHS} Lady Baltimore's Academy.

    Welcome to Lady Baltimore's academy boys and girls, my name is Poppy Le Beau and I am your headmistress. Here at LBA we have a few rules that are vital to the success of this academy. The first and utmost important rule is Loyalty. The weakest of any of us is better than the strongest of those...
  3. Almalthia


    FaeLorn The Fae Courts of Light and Dark on a knife edge truce. Can they keep it up or will it crumble... Anyone is welcome. If you want to ask about it further I'm not shy ask away. ^.^ FaeLorn
  4. Almalthia


    Unseelie and Seelie Courts with survival of the Fae hanging in the balance. BIO AND JUMPIN - FaeLorn |
  5. PhantomThief715

    Essence of the Pheonix

    "The Legend starts long ago where our world was first created by the powerful Pheonix Suzaku. He created our world along with six demons born of his flame to protect and rule us." Tells an elderly woman sitting down on the streets of every city with children gathered around her "Back then our...
  6. Olissa

    Land of Wings (IC)

    Layana Up high in the sky, far outside of normal eye, a land floats through the air. Even though it can not be seen, it can be reached, and it is far from desolate. The entire land, and especially the Capital is bustling with life. Mainly winged beings live here but non winged too roam these...
  7. Squee

    The City of Rothendust

    Chapter One - The Call The people of Rothendust. They need help. If I were only stronger I could do it myself, but I have grown weak and I cannot do much. Freedom is all I can give people now, the ability to pave their own paths and carve their own futures. This gift must not be squandered...
  8. Squee

    The City of Rothendust: A Rebellion

    In Character Status: Invitation Only The city of Rothendust Rothendust is a large city cut off from the rest of the world, and not by choice. Surrounding the city is a harsh terrain hunted by monsters. In Rothendust nobody comes in and nobody goes out. Despite the looming threat of the...