Taking place on an island or archipelago and dealing with the dynamics of natives, tourists, and/or castaways.
  1. ~Dark Disney~

    Purgatory Island

    slight rp revival from another site but been tweaked a bit. A small passenger ship is making a journey through until charted water when they pass through a very large storm and the ship winds up crashing on the a Island that wasn't even on the map. Only a small group of them survive and wash...
  2. Absyinthe

    [IC] Seasonal Island Kingdoms Open World RPG

    You can always join Seasonal Island Kingdoms, just sign up a character. "War is threatening on the horizons, in a world of Seasonal Island Kingdoms, who will you align with?" There are many citizens who have come to make the Seasonal Island Kingdoms their home. These citizen's fate is...
  3. D

    Thomas's Island

    On The Island... It was a warm summer day, and the bright sun was slowly creeping up the sky to hang directly above the earth. The hours passed with the occasional period of shade, as the occasional cloud drifted between the sun and the ground. It wouldn't have been hard to appreciate how good...
  4. D

    Thomas's Island OOC and Signups.

    Thomas's Island Summer begins and you receive a letter from your friend, Thomas O'Reilly. ____________________ To my good friend. Hello, This is a letter from Thomas O'Reilly. As you may have noticed, summer is upon us, and as you may remember, my birthday is in a mere week away. As such, I...
  5. D

    Island Mystery Roleplay

    When the rich and eccentric nineteen-year old Thomas O'Reilly invites his friends to a secluded isle for one hell of a summer vacation, his friends discover that Thomas isn't quite who they thought he was. In this RP, players will be a group of teenagers and young adults. They may or may not...
  6. Mr.Scales ⚖

    Total drama island but with tv characters!?

    So what i just thought of a fun idea for a roleplay, if you ever heard of total drama island (Pretty popular show) It's about a bunch of characters with different archetypes and backgrounds, who sign up to be a contestant to win one million dollars for the winner, so they are put onto two...
  7. Absyinthe

    [OOC] Seasonal Island Kingdoms Open-World RPG

    Seasonal Island Kingdoms IC [div=background-color: #040034; border-top-left-radius: 5px; border-top-right-radius: 35px; border-bottom-left-radius: 35px; border-bottom-right-radius: 5px; border-top: 10px double #AAA805; border-bottom: 10px double #BFA366;border-left: 10px double...
  8. nekromantix

    FIlled Request

    Old Request
  9. Chat Noir

    LGBTQIA Island Resistance

    You have three islands. Divide them into groups of one. The straight island, the gay island, and the lesbian island. This roleplay is going to be based off of this Tumblr post - which is ingenious by the way - and it'll be very dystopian and Resistance-with-a-capital-R. If enough people get...