historical fantasy

Taking place in a historical setting with added fantasy elements such as magic or fantasy races.
  1. QueenObscure


    ~ BEFORE WE GO INTO FARTHER, HERE IS MY TOPICAL ROLEPLAY REQUIREMENTS ~ Seeking Older Males expedience roleplayers. I want one on one, ' Hard Core Roleplayers', action. Ones that always need their daily fix, just like I. Who loves to escape reality, by entering their own words. Or ones wishing...
  2. BruisedLavender

    Back in the game | All genders/sexualities | Advanced

    Ladies, gentlemen, or whoever you may identify as, I. BASIC INFORMATIONS EXPECTATIONS - I’m open to chatting anytime, be it about our plot or anything else. - I won’t rush you, ever. Take all the time you need. - My grammar is competent and my style versatile. (I can send a writing...
  3. K

    Ken no Unmei |A story of samurai| |In Character!|

    五郎入道正宗 ! Vol. 1 A New Dawn ⊕ The sun was nearing its end and just as if it seemed like a few minutes turned into a full day for those under the holy teachings of the Kami sureiyā. It wasn't a exciting fun filled day for the students, as always they trained with armed combat and some unarmed...
  4. K

    Ken no Unmei |A story of samurai| |OPEN|

    ⊂⋅ レガシー悪魔 ⋅⊃ Ken no Unmei Series Presents… A Story of Samurai ⊕ ⊂⋅ レガシー悪魔 ⋅⊃ The Prequel Volume. 1 Long ago when the world was created by chaos and the spear of our creators shook the ground and made our holy lands one individual rose to become legend, someone worthy to walk the steps to...
  5. QueenObscure

    A Princess and her Alchemist (Rat Anthro/Hybrid Tale)

    A Princess and Her Alchemist ( An Anthro x Hybrid Tale) A tale of forbidden love between a Princess, and a Royal Alchemist. That begun has a questionable friendship, from onlookers. The two fear their true feelings will end up endangering/hurting the other. Because of this they hide their true...
  6. Trainbrain16

    The Destroyermen

    They were running. There was no other word for it, no comforting euphemism to make the sting less sharp. In fact, it seemed impossible to wring the slightest sense of purpose from the confusion, privation, terror, and bone-numbing weariness they’d endured since the very day the war began on...