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  1. The Mood is Write

    Moody's Writing Resources

    Not a guide, I just found a cool image thing while browsing imgur. Feel free to share your own!
  2. kixinorbit

    Their bare bear is over there! (A Guide to Commonly Confused Words)

    Welcome to yet another installation of my grammar and punctuation guides! This time around I'm delving into the wonderful world of words! It's no secret that many people struggle with forms of words or, to be more technical, homophones, homographs, and capitonyms. (Heterographs seem to be the...
  3. kixinorbit

    Apostrophe Abusers Anonymous

    You! Yes, you! Do you know how and when to use an apostrophe? If you don't, or if you occasionally wonder if maybe, just maybe you might have misplaced one of those quirky little marks, read on! --- Welcome to the second installation of my grammar and punctuation guides: Apostrophe...
  4. kixinorbit

    "A" and "An" -- Mistakes You Might Be Making

    Take a look at the sentence below and see if you can find the error. "Would you like to join a RP?" Did you find it? If not, you are not alone. The more forums I visit, the more I see people struggling with indefinite articles. Thus, I decided to make a guide that will hopefully assist...
  5. Astaroth

    LESSON Steering Through Punctuation: A Brief Overview of the Basics

    Steering Through Punctuation: A Brief Overview of the Basics Proper punctuation is vital to your writing, for the sake of your readers. Much like roadsigns, punctuation provides visual cues as to where they should stop, slow down, or make a quick turn. The following is a quick guide to...