Dealing with themes/characters that cross or blur the binary gender line. This may involve cross-dressing, gender identity confusion, or actual physical transformation.
  1. N

    The Elder Scrolls: Pandora's Island RPG

    Ripped from their cells in the Imperial City two unsuspecting criminals have been whisked away to please the whims of the seventeen Daedric Princes. Pandora's Island is a land of chaos, sin and corruption filled with dangerous mutating biomes and swarming lecherous Daedra. With no sense of...
  2. N

    Anonomi Wish List [Crash Nightmare Sci-Fi Survival RPG]

    Welcome to my Wish List. I am Anonomi and the first thing you should know about me is that I am a geek first and foremost. My favorite things are gaming and RPing. I think those are the biggest geeky things to do ever and I love them both. I also love science and technology, which is how I make...
  3. mr_pibbs

    Mobius: Reborn (OoC)

    Note: This is the OoC Thread! Do not post your character sheets here, post them in the CS thread. You can certainly talk to me about them here, just don't post them ^^ Links: (coming soon!) "For True Story" (Main IC Thread) Current Chapter: Chapter 1: "Gotta Go Fast". "Twinkle Park" (Casual...
  4. mr_pibbs

    Mobius: Reborn (Character Sheets/Sign-Ups)

    NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE OoC AND IS ONLY MEANT FOR CHARACTER SHEETS! DON'T POST OoCLY HERE! ------- Links: (coming soon!) Out of Character (OoC) "For True Story" (Main IC Thread) Current Chapter: Chapter 1: "Gotta Go Fast". "Twinkle Park" (Casual IC Thread) ------- RULES: 1. No GMing. We...
  5. ScarletNova

    Reverse Harem Gender Bender

    Reverse Harem Gender Bender I’ve done a few of these types before as group and onexone rps but I’m a sucker for them and am trying out another idea. I’m looking for a small group to keep things simple and organized. The idea: A girl disguises herself as a male to attend an all-boys...
  6. Dr. Octavia Freak

    Doctor Freak's RedStar Clinic

    Good morning ,everyone! Welcome to my RedStar Clinic! :D (Get it, because I'm a doctor? GET IT? I'll shut up now) History of Role Playing I've been role playing for quite some time now. Perhaps a little over 10 years now! I've improved in a lot of areas since I started, as you probably...
  7. ScarletNova

    Boys, Soccer balls and Love triangles (Plot idea)

    I have an idea that may or may not be strange, but I’m going to try and look for a partner anyway. Now, this idea will either involve my partner playing two characters most of the time or making it a small group rp with only three people including me. But, we can discuss and see what happens or...
  8. Shinku⭐Kun


    drop pop candy (English Cover) ----> [slide] [slide] [slide] ----------- Characters Identity Colors (thanks to Annyeong Bunny and The Spartan Potato for the help!)
  9. D

    1 x 1 Search

    I am currently doing a roleplay for around 2 and a half years now which is impressive by my standards. I am currently looking for some more partners to satisfy my cravings till I return to school on the 15th of next month. My name is Kiko and I'm a twenty year old roleplay addict who attends...
  10. Shinku⭐Kun

    GenderBend! - Character Profiles (Sign-Ups)

    You're only allowed to submit your CS once you read all the information of the OOC. If you haven't, go here: OPEN SIGNUPS - GenderBend! (OOC) . |INSERT A PICTURE| (Only anime related) Name: Age: (From 16 to 18) Gender: (Does your characters has "nuts" or not?) Zodiac Sign: (Because why not?)...
  11. Shinku⭐Kun

    GenderBend! (OOC)

    Welcome to the official OOC of the upcoming roleplay GenderBend! If you're around here it's because you're kind of interested or just passing by to have a peek at the new stuff on Iwaku. Glad to see you here, then! Now, let's go straight to the case and if you have any questions or just want to...
  12. The Mood is Write

    Rains of W.A.S.

    "What do you mean, I can't leave? You let me come down here, you shit! Out of my way or I'll... I'll...!" Memories the beginning of the most recent 12 years in hell resurfaced as K stumbled along the upper ring. In hell, you never became thirsty or hungry, and you never aged, and you...

    The Fosters - OOC/Sign-Ups

    PLOT: Stef, a dedicated police officer, is in a relationship with Lena. The two have built a close-knit family with Stef's biological son, Brandon, and adopted twins, Mariana and Jesus. When Lena meets Callie -- hardened from being in and out of foster homes -- the couple welcome her into their...