fate (rpg system)

A roleplay using the rules of the Fate Core RPG System.
  1. MixedUpGuy

    Fate_Grand Order Party based roleplay

    So for those who are deep into the gacha hell world that is Fate Grand Order and the basic makeup of the game then you'll get a basic understanding of my suggested story here. For those of you who are not as well versed, the Fate series or the Nasuverse is a series where those with a deep...
  2. R

    Moonlit Crusade

    Moonlit Crusade Moonlit Crusade is a fantasy quest RP set in the fictional city of Blancrete, where the readers are going to follow and influence the protagonist's actions as their lives get dragged into a messy side of the world. Inspired by the "Fate" series, "RWBY", "Persona", and "Fire...