Focusing on characters traveling to unfamiliar lands/worlds, whether unfamiliar only to them or to civilization in general.
  1. Taska Vilna

    [DANGEROUS] - Out Of Character

  2. Taska Vilna

    [DANGEROUS] - A Cyberpunk Roleplay

    The Yutani-Kandel Corporate Monocity, Southwest of Vladivostok, Russia. The year is 2237 and What's left of the world is trying build itself back up after years of consumption led to a vast socio-economic collapse and a period of martial law. The World Government has had to rely on several...
  3. austbot

    The Stargate Chronicles

    CLOSED SIGNUPS - The Stargate Chronicles (Discussion Thread) @Cody Dyck @Mahou-Shoujo @Viral @maxie-poo Friday, September 8th, 2017 The skies outside are dark and it appears as if it'll start raining soon. The winds are blowing at an incredible speed. Regardless of your actions, it seems...
  4. austbot

    Stargate inspired RP?

    The Stargate Chronicles: It was only a few months ago when you and a small group of friends found an artifact half buried while you were camping. You pulled it out of the ground and were shocked to see that it was a perfect circle about twenty feet tall. Along with it there were also these...
  5. Ms.Ezra

    Strangers: Doren

    Even with the addition of the complications from yesterday, the day starts like any other for Genessa and Bernard. The Senior Operative sits at her desk, finishing up the last section of her report about yesterday's events while the Junior (yet older) Operative is out gathering supplies in the...
  6. Camleen

    Strangers: Onwards Towards Linia

    Prologue The carriage carrying Craig and Kassim moves through a darkened forest, Keldar himself seeming quiet the whole of the time. He would spend his time absently smacking his worn gloves against his knee, staring out of the windows. In case it wasn’t brutally obvious to the two humans, he...
  7. Ms.Ezra

    Strangers: Gatecia

    Prologue @Camleen @Ascendant The morning is heralded by the chirps of birds that rang through the forest, and carries into the Barbin Village. Anne is sprawled out over her bed of leaves, but her hat has remained in place. There were already some bodies moving. In fact most of the village...
  8. Legens Legentis

    The Long March: The Martian War

    Premise: 3982 AD The Terran Kingdom has enveloped the entire solar system within its grasp. From Mercury to Neptune, colonization has pushed humanity to ever-greater heights. On Mars, a vicious war has erupted. The other worlds look on in silence as the red planet is torn apart. Nowhere is...
  9. C

    Godflame: A World Full of Wonders

    When the Godflame was first lit, sparks were strewn near and far. These sparks were the Allflames, the incandescent fragments of the Godflame that had warded off the Abyss. Most had faded into the Abyss before they could burn away the darkness, and in the end, only four had remained. The...
  10. C

    Project Godflame: A World Full of Wonders

    Greetings, I am Cloudburst, and I am here to bring you my latest creation, though I am in a rough spot in finding a name for it. For now, it will be known as Project Godflame: A World Full of Wonders. I had designed this to be set in a rich fantasy world rife with lore so thick and convoluted...
  11. Warden

    Requiem for a Changing World

    “The Eyes of Bathala clouded The Wellspring of Creation, overflowing, And from the hands of the All-Being The children of the earth were wrought, Gifted the world unending” The Primordial Order Prologue “ Red ” Situated in the wide plains of central Luzvimin, Aesyth cuts an impressive image...
  12. Warden

    Requiem for a Changing World - OOC

    Magic is a living thing, older than the world itself. The Primordial Order said that the Gods wove it into being to serve as the ichor from which the Magicals and all other life was born. They say that it's a harmony which guided every soul into growth and purpose, and if you strain your senses...
  13. Warden

    CHARACTER INDEX Requiem for a Changing World - Character Index

    Interest Check | Lore | Character Index | OOC | IC PROTAGONISTS ANTAGONISTS The Venomeroth NOTABLE NPCS Aesyth
  14. Warden

    Requiem for a Changing World

    Magic is a living thing, older than the world itself. The Primordial Order said that the Gods wove it into being to serve as the ichor from which the Magicals and all other life was born. They say that it's a harmony which guided every soul into growth and purpose, and if you strain your senses...
  15. Warden

    ADDITIONAL INFO Requiem for a Changing World - Lore

    World Races Religion and Ideologies Politics and Factions Concepts Timeline Let's refer to the current RP date as AL [Alusine]. The current year is the 199th year of the Alusine calendar. The Primordial Order renames the calendar around the 200-year mark, following a cyclic pattern in their...
  16. Kat

    Espoir's Mystifiers [1/2]

    espoir's 1x1 partner search Guidelines & Expectations • Send me your inquiry in PM. Please don't tell me only "I'm interested" and expect me to cooperate. Give me some meat on the bones. • I'd prefer to play main female. Female and male npcs are common. I ask the opposite of you- please- main...
  17. sun.

    Λbsence (pirates, powers, p... pexploration)

    Λbsence is an action-adventure roleplay, with a heavy focus on exploring, factions, ability-based combat, and character development. Set in the fictional world of Thalassa; an island planet ruled by MAGNA, a central governing body, and the Divinity, the nobility of ancient times, glory and fame...
  18. Ms.Ezra

    Strangers in a Strange Land

    ================= CURRENT ROSTER ================= Anne Bonny, The Pirate Played by Ms. Ezra Date Yuzuki, The Samurai Played by Camleen Albert Rhinegard, The Guy Played by Ascendant Sir Richard Francis Burton, The Explorer Played by Gands Kassim Al’hajar, The Assassin Played by Takeshi...
  19. Ms.Ezra

    Strangers in a Strange Land, Prologue

    We call our world Nomae-Ralo. Our world is very different from yours. Your world is dominated by humankind, with no room for other sentient life. The menagerie of races that is our world, is only the stable for myths and ‘fairy tales’ in yours. We have quarrels, and power struggles same as...
  20. Yanaike

    Looking for an Adventure!

    Hello there! My name is Yanaike and I’m craavvving for adventure! I’m looking for a RP-partner to go on an epic quest or explore the unknown. I love surprises, secrets, going all-in with our imagination, weird worlds… I hope you get the idea! I believe a plot is much more successful if we both...