Containing or focusing on fantastic or legendary lizard-like beings, often bearing magical properties, and usually with the power of flight and the ability to breathe fire.
  1. Esmeray

    Rose Witch Covenant [SEEKING MORE PLAYERS]

  2. Esmeray

    Rose Witch Covenant [REBOOT] [STILL SEEKING]

  3. Straix

    Partner search, again - /mainly/ MxM

    Welcome to my search thread! Strap in and prepare yourself doods, - this may take a while! There might be a cookie reward upon completion. I HAVE A HABIT OF SWEARING - SOMETIMES A LOT. IF THIS BOTHERS YOU PLEASE TELL ME RIGHT AWAY! You have been warned. Alrighty! With that out of the way -...
  4. D

    Dragons Roleplaying Forum

    DRF is a dragon roleplay site with 7 playable dragon species, 5 mythical species such as griffins and manticores, and humans to choose from. Our site is kid-friendly and welcomes all roleplayers, be they beginners or vets. If you love dragons, come check us out! You can never have too many...
  5. Cartoonicat

    The Cloud Accord

    Day One. Morning. Arriving at Fenswich Marsh. After stopping at Zandalur for the night, the delegation woke refreshed and set out for Fenswich Marsh come morning. Unlike the meeting place of the Ten Kingdoms in Oneac, which was an open plain of fresh air, Zandalur smelled strongly of rotten...
  6. JJ

    The Age of Dragons

    This is a roleplay between @JJ, @CassieGirl, and @Mobley Eats. Please do not post here unless invited to do so.
  7. D

    Looking for some partners :D (M for F)

    Hello everyone! Just joined the site recently and wanted to post a few things I'd like to RP if the future would allow it. Some information about me first off though. My life will come first before RP sorry. I am a passionate chef, and am always striding to become better in my culinary career...
  8. Joan

    Dragon's Curse (Nemo & Joan)

    Dragon's Curse Long ago dragons stood for power, respect, and honour. They were worshipped by humans for their wisdom and ability, feared at the same time for the might they wielded over life. In time this position brought arrogance and vanity, turning the dragons into terrible tyrants who...
  9. potassiumboron


    Life had never been easy for Hope Winters. As a young child and a teenager back in her home kingdom, she hadn't known a time when she wasn't struggling. It was all she was used to, between fighting to survive and eat, to dealing with all her siblings bickering in their hunger and moodiness...
  10. FireDrake150

    Angels With Scaly Wings: The Next Steps

    I'll keep this short. The concept is that in an arc where none of the main 5 Die, (like ) the Ambassador program is a success and more relations, Including colonies, are getting established. The comet was successfully diverted, and now both species move to further the relationships between...
  11. Greenie

    The Dragonborn and Co. - A Skyrim RP

    Meowdy, Greenie here! ^_^ The premise for what I want is really simple, actually. I want to follow the journey of the Dragonborn along with a buddy on the quest to defeat Alduin, among other things. The roleplay will follow the canon story line along with canon side quests as well as small...
  12. Viverescribere

    Needing a Roleplay Fix!

    Hey there, first of all and thank you for clicking on this. Now that I've found myself with more time, I'm trying to occupy myself with as much writing as possible. I have a few ideas but I'm open to any other suggestions. But first...let me tell you a little about myself and my preferences...
  13. Mournithra

    (M looking for F) Scarlet Indulgences (1x1 RP Partner Search)

    Fair greetings and hello everyone, and welcome. My name is Mournithra, but I wouldn’t mind one bit if you’d rather call me Mourn or Paden (my actual name) if it suits you better. Thank you for stopping by and perusing this little thread of mine. Admittedly it's been awhile, so if there is...
  14. V

    A Moment in Time

    A High-Fantasy Dragon Rider Role-play between Violet x Jason Name: Princess Odette Avalia Age: Seventeen Race: Elven Gender: Female Personality Traits: Kind hearted. Carefree. Loving. Bubbly. Smart. Loyal. Stubborn. Passive-Agressive. Petty. Egoistical. Powers/Abilities: Air Manipulation...
  15. Rosé Moon

    Inspired by Dragons in Places - GM-guided, medieval story!

    As a fan of the Game Grumps, and Roleplay, I have fallen in love with their new series, "Dragons in Places", and it has sprung forth an idea for a entertaining RP here on Iwaku. I shall dive right into it. The appeal of "Dragons in Places", for me at least, is the silly tone, that is slowly...
  16. T

    (Worldbuilding) Here there be dragons

    A little of an odd craving of mine, but i've the need/urge for a world where the apex race arent humans, but dragons. Like imagine if the dragons from Game of Thrones or Dragon Age ruled the world? Hells yeah. So I want to build on this craving with one or two people, and basically have a...
  17. G

    Newbie is Searching

    Hello everyone. I'm going to insert a bit about me here, but feel free to skip to the pairings / expectations if introductions aren't your thing. I'm Griff, a 16 year old high school student looking to get more into roleplaying after skulking around in the shadows for awhile. I do not have much...
  18. Kita Northernmaw

    Looking for roleplay a few partners

    Howdy guys, Kita here! I'm looking for only a few people to roleplay with me. I only have a couple rp ideas. I only post about a paragraph, but I try to be adequately detailed. I'd really appreciate basic use of punctuation. NO DOUBLING. I am not a fan of doubling, so please do not ask. OC's for...
  19. Revan

    Revan's Search (fandom + original)

    Heya, call me Revan. I'd like to find maybe a few 1x1 RP partners. IMPORTANT INFO: If you're feeling lazy, just read the colored text. I enjoy talking/making friends OOC, but I'm a socially anxious mess so I suck at instigating conversation. I play males and females equally (have a couple...
  20. JJ

    In the Shadow of a Dragon's Wings [Oskar & JJ]

    This is a fantasy 1x1 between @Oskar and @JJ - visitors are welcome to read but please do not post in this thread. :)