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Based on or borrowing elements from the Doctor Who television series.
  1. E

    Seaching (Fandoms)

    Hello! How are you? Good, I hope. I’m new to this site, and I’m really just looking for a few roleplays. Before we get into that, though, allow me to introduce myself. You can call me Riddles (No, it’s not my real name, just nicknames.) Or Waffles, either is fine. I’m female, and I’m 19 years...
  2. K

    Klutzy Ninja Kitty's RP List

    I'll be compiling a list of my active and completed roleplays, along with anything else I cam currently writing, here! Ongoing Stories is a section used to list any side-stories, fanfiction, or multi-chapter stories that are currently being written. Other is a section where I will display a...
  3. RealisticFantasy

    Doctor Who - Looking for The Doctor

    Having all of time and space is hardly any fun when you're traveling alone. Thus, when The Doctor (you) stumbles upon a potential new companion (me), he jumps at the chance. However, he soon begins to discover that it might not have been just a happy coincidence. So, firstly, I'm absolutely...
  4. K

    Seeking Cross-Fandom Kingdom Hearts RP!

    It happens to be this roleplay in particular: FIRST RESPONSE - Exploring a New World PM me if you're interested! Here's a few things you might like to know before we get started. * Let's keep this going longterm and plot together to make it more interesting! I like talking to my RP partners...
  5. P

    Doctor Who RP (female Doctor OC)

    I was curious if anyone wanted to do a DW RP where you play a companion (or multiple companions) to travel around with my female Doctor OC. I'm up for MxF or FxF if you want there to be romance, and I have a number of ideas for adventures. This is mainly to enhance my writing skills as the...
  6. Luna Grace Sky

    looking for rp partners (fandoms, omegaverse, OC's)(open for many)

    Alrighty then~ i am looking for many new rp partners. i dont have exact ideas for most of them because i would like to make ideas specificly for each person, depending on what fandom. characters and any different universes. i do MxM MxF and FxF. lets get started with my couple of rules. -i would...
  7. Animent

    (Reboot) Star Trek & Doctor Who Crossover

    Here a Video to help you get excited: Hello! I'm Animent, let's get know each other. In real life, I'm a transgender(FtM) so I prefer male pronouns and I'm only in high school which means I'm sometimes really busy. However, I have no life, therefore, I will always find a way to reply to my...
  8. M

    The Gamestation!: Live, Play or Die

    The Gamestation: 200,100! Welcome to the Gamestation! The year is 200,100, and there are now over a million channels to keep the viewing public glued to their screens. With the news channels all vanishing a hundred years ago, Game Shows are the only things that are still broadcasting. But the...
  9. Rosie Bloom

    a 1x1 search - always looking (Romance RPs)

    Hello! Thank you for taking a peek at my search thread. Take a look around and see if anything strikes your fancy. :) I look forward to hearing from you! Pairings I only have some plots so feel free to ask me or share your own. What I would like to play. I have a plot or the start of an...
  10. T

    Doctor Who

    Looking for a Partner! The Doctor (9th or 10th), begins an adventure with a Crespallion Hybrid. There will be romance, violence, mature-themes, humor...ect. Interested? Before you contact me with a role play invitation, please make yourself aware of the following requirements: - I expect...
  11. redblood


    Test thread for tags.
  12. K

    The Reaper Squad [OOC and Sign-ups]

  13. M

    Reaper Squad

    Please see the wiki for more info. The Reaper Squad by @Krieg , @Midnight Maiden, @Klutzy Ninja Kitty, @Yun Lee, @Gummi Bunnies and @Atomyk Sign-ups thread link here Table of Contents Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 ~THE REAPER SQUAD~ Joshua, the Composer of the Reapers, one...
  14. K

    The Adventures of Arya and The Doctor! [Non-Canon]

    The Adventures of Arya and The Doctor! Game of Thrones x Doctor Who Crossover. This is a 1x1 roleplay between Jenny (Jenna) and Klutzy Ninja Kitty (Kimmy). It's a continuation of the roleplay: Murder: The Shadow's Grip, a multiverse roleplay game that can be found here...