Horror focusing on demonic or Satanic rituals/influences.
  1. The Mood is Write

    A Sensational Set of Several Scenarios (Updated Feb 10)

    The Call of the Wordbinder Hello! I'm Moody, but you can also call me Modwri, if you prefer. I am twenty-seven years old and have spent roughly the past dozen years independently studying writing and roleplaying. I live at home with my mother, and during the day I babysit for a family friend...
  2. Ashi

    A Soul of My Own

    A cool breeze whipped by, brushing fallen blossom petals about the pavements. Stars shone bright in the black sky, casting a white glow over the city as the last rays of evening light disappeared over the horizon. High in the center of the pitch black tapestry, a bright white moon hovered...
  3. K

    The March of 1000 Yokai IC - 1

    ROLE - PLAY INFO | RULES | OUR SETTINGS |SIGN UPS | OOC CHAT --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES OF THE IC BELOW! - Posting Order: No actual Order of Posting is required unless later changed to say so. But PLEASE...
  4. redblood


    Test thread for tags.
  5. Sen

    Embers (Hana ✗ Sen)

    EMBERS [slide] [slide] [slide] Original Coding: Hana. Welcome to Phantisamine. Nicknamed the hottest place in Hell, it certainly lives up to it. A place where lava runs free on the dried, seemingly dead plains. All you can see from a glance are a sea of red and tall rocks...
  6. Hana

    Broken Contracts (Hana ✗ Sen)

    BROKEN CONTRACTS [slide] [slide] [slide] Original Coding: Hana.