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Based on or borrowing elements from the DC Comic Universe.
  1. C

    Cookie's Marvel March

    INTRO Hello, hello, beautiful ladies and gents! I'm back with an all-new partner search for... (Drumroll, please!) Marvel! So, this originally was inspired by @Solar , who created a justice league type roleplay, which inspired me to start watching Justice League, which inspired me to start...
  2. S

    CITY 47: Guard Dog Society (Massive Superhero RP Universe) (IC THREAD)

    SIGNUPS & OOC Click Here! IC Thread: Click Here! D-DAY: Initiation GM POST Cameras shutter. The slick marble clicks with every heel contact. Her tiara flashes with every shot. Two porcelain hands grip the rich mahogany podium cluttered over the top with microphones. Covering her eyes...
  3. S

    CITY 47: NEW Justice (Season 1)

    SIGNUPS & OOC Click Here! IC Thread: Click Here! "There are countless stories told throughout history. Stories of grand heroes defying the odds in the name of peace. In this hour though, there is no Legend. We have only ourselves. We are the New Justice." Year 2064. The Justice League...
  4. MST3K 4ever

    New Wings: Nightwing & Raven (MST3K 4ever & Ravenbelle)

    It was just after 7pm as the steady rain beat on the roof of the taxi cab that pulled up to Wayne Manor. The driver said, “Here you go Mac. Wayne Manor, for a guy so wealthy you’d think he would’ve kept better tabs on the brakes of his Porsche.” The passenger, Dick Grayson, was barely even...
  5. 4

    DC Universe: World's End

    The sun broke out over the horizon spreading its light over the entire city of Gotham. The light revealed the debris filled streets, reflected brightly off the water too stubborn to withdraw back into the ocean, the skeletal remains of many of the city's once proud buildings illuminated by its...
  6. 4

    OOC DC Universe: World's End

    The radio buzzed as the family of four huddled closely around it. Their house had been shaken violently and much had fallen to rubble. The father, covered in the grime of trying to dig out his home and even helping neighbors do the same, sighed as only interference filled their room. He had...
  7. neptune

    I'm (mostly) Fandom Trash!

    Hello and welcome to my thread! I've recently had some drops and other threads that have slowed down, and since I have all these fandom cravings (and a few original cravings as well), I thought I'd post a new search. This is not a first come first serve thing, so just be warned because I don't...
  8. Q

    Initiation: A Story of Young Heroes OOC

    Initiation: A Story of Young Heroes Click for IC Link Welcome to the OOC for a soon to be (hopefully) amazing roleplay. The idea is simple, young superheroes rise to emergency situations when the veteran heroes appear to be missing. A dark magician by the name of Mercy has gathered enough black...
  9. C

    DCEU: Brave & Bold.

    There exists other realms, other dimensions, and other entities that transcends our understanding as humans. These paralogical occurrences holds host to many things that everyday life describes as "unexplainable" or "phenomena".....and these are the very things that co-exist in the commonplace...
  10. kixinorbit

    Fandoms: Games, Books, and DC Comics [mxm, mxf]

    Searching once again-- this time for fandoms. Please note that my searches are pretty specific; while I am open to some suggestions on characters, please don't be offended if I'm not interested. I do not have plots as I prefer to discuss with my partner. I'm very open to ideas here. c: Now...
  11. mr_pibbs

    The Ultimate Comic Book Roleplaying Universe: Dark Reign (OoC)

    ~ The Ultimate ~ ~ Comic Book ~ ~ Roleplaying Universe ~ Dark Reign Greetings true believers, and welcome back to the Ultimate Comic Book Roleplaying Universe! Or, "Earth-1212" if you want to get technical. However, things have changed quite a bit since the last time we peered through...
  12. A

    DC Comics Fandom (I need a male who will play Slade's 'Robin')

    Unique aka Phoenix Black had a very harsh life. Her parents Raven and Beast Boy had to hide her from her father Trigon and Slade. Raven sacrificed to take her place hiding Phoenix in Thailand. Little did she know Slade hired his new 'Robin' to track her down so they could use her once again as a...
  13. A

    MxF life long friend and partner needed

    I'm just looking for a new partner whom does Original fandoms or with original character's, Paranormal romance and Slice of life (Adults only)
  14. C

    Knights Of New Gotham

    ((Knights Of New Gotham)) Even second city wasn't this big. Viran thought to himself as he stared down at the citizens below him. He was careful to make sure no one saw him at the moment, he knew from his experiences in Second city that large, green aliens weren't a common sight. From...
  15. Pyralithia

    Fandom MxM, FxF, or FxM~

    Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Konnichiwa, Buongiorno! Welcome to my fandom partner search! These are the main pairings I'm looking for right now. But if you have another in mind dont be afraid to speak up I'm very open minded =) All of these can be FxF, MxM, or FxM unless specified. Marvel/DC (Bold...
  16. B

    So... DC or Marvel?

    I much prefer DC, since the heroes just seem much more badass, and the world is a lot darker, y'know? Plus, we have some of the most iconic characters from DC! Batman, Joker, Superman, Catwoman, etc. (Though I can't deny Marvel's heroes. (Basically just the Avengers. And X-Men. And...
  17. Stryder

    Knights Of New Gotham

    Knights Of New Gotham The Bat Family Tragedy was a moment in history that would be deemed as unforgotten, their sacrifice for Gotham and its people, a sacrifice that ulitmately led to the unfortunate turn of events that would forever change Gotham. It all would begin on a night unlike any...
  18. S

    Justice League: The Other Side IC

    Justice League: The Other Side -A Standalone Queen Stein Production- |GM: Stein| Co-GM: Jesus H. Christ| |Genre: Superhero, Modern Fantasy On June 5th, 2014 the world witnessed what many news sources classify as ‘the death seen round the world.’ Multiple eye-witness accounts recount varied...
  19. S

    Justice League: The Other Side

    Justice League: The Other Side -A Standalone Queen Stein Production- |GM: Stein| Co-GM: Lord Wraith| |Genre: Superhero, Modern Fantasy| "The mettle of man is truly tested when he has no hope left. Hope, or lack thereof, breeds the best--or the worst-- individuals." -- J'onn J'onnz "It was the...
  20. S

    Murder Game II: The Watchful Eyes

    PROLOGUE "Little Green Bag" The Colossi began to position themselves around Gotham, destroying the bridges and then standing around the city, guards against the world. Valus on one corner, Gaius on another, Barba on the other side, and finally, Argus stood on the end. They surrounded the...