A dice-based roleplay where six-sided dice or a 1-6 RNG form the basis of the rule system.
  1. Flame

    The Moon Exo-Knight Academy! (MEKA) (IC)

    "We are now entering orbit." An intercom echoed through the ship, and a sliding door opened from the front end, and a blue-hued, feminine hologram stepped out, walking down the train-car like cabin of the space-shuttle. "If I may have your attention...", a pleasant sounding voice echoed...
  2. Flame

    The Moon Exo-Knight Academy! (MEKA) (OOC)

    Welcome to the world's (err, universe's?) first Exo-Knight academy! We've come a long way since the first Exo-Frames were developed in 2309, and they have now since been granted use to the public! MEKA is the first, and only school dedicated to training students to use these machines, and...
  3. Mollisol

    Dark Magical Girl Dice RP - CLOSED

    Dream Maidens a dark magical girl story "Before the mascot came to you, you thought you were just a teenage girl who lived in the city. But now that he’s told you who you are, you know you’re the reincarnation of someone powerful and magical. In a burst of light and flower petals, you can...
  4. G

    Kingdoms on the Burning Continent: A feudal japan themed fantasy setting and sandbox

    Lore Factions The Clans of the Burning Continent: The clans of the burning continent are many and all vie for control of it using all they have at their disposal. Each has an animal as it's representation, a personification of what traits they value. The North people: The native inhabitants of...
  5. Noctis the Devious

    [IC]: Blades & Magic

    Worldly Information || Rules || Character Application || Cast I. Animal Control Possible dangers on this mission: sightings of a large pack of Terrorlings have been reported. Exercise caution. The group's inventory includes an apothecary’s book on wild flora brought by Aureolis, an extra...
  6. Noctis the Devious

    [OOC]: Blades and Magic

    Worldly Information || Rules || Character Application || Cast || Character Directory In the land of kings and monsters, the people prayed for mercy from the chaos and two gods answered. One a woman with a beauty beyond compare with flowing red hair streaked with golds of the sun and blues of...
  7. ERode

    Grim Odyssey: Live/Die/I

    The age of Heroes is over! If you seek salvation, pull it down into your own hands! If you seek freedom, carve it out with your own sword! And if you seek vengeance, then take it! The age of Heroes is over! Everything is permitted! Grim Odyssey Fragments of the Zeroth Box They call it the...
  8. Cerulean

    Pathfinder: Arena

    IC: OPEN SIGNUPS - Pathfinder: Arena IC If you have any questions, feel free to ask.