D6, D.VI, D06 or D.6 can refer to:
D6-DMSO or deuterated DMSO, a molecule containing six deuterium atoms
D6 HDTV VTR, a SMPTE VTR Type D6, uncompressed HDTV VTR -(Gigabit Data Recorder - 2000-2006) made by Philips
D6 road (Croatia), a state road in Croatia
D6 System, a system of game mechanics for role-playing games
Albatros D.VI, a 1917 German prototype single-seat twin-boom pusher biplane
ATC code D06 Antibiotics and chemotherapeutics for dermatological use, a subgroup of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System
Auster D.6, a 1960 four-seat British light aircraft
Bavarian D VI, an 1880 German saturated steam locomotive
Caterpillar D6, a 1956 medium bulldozer
Dewoitine D.6, a Dewoitine aircraft
Dublin 6, a Dublin, Ireland postal district
Dunne D.6, a British Dunne aircraft
Fokker D.VI, a 1917 German fighter aircraft
HMS Hampshire (D06), a 1961 British Royal Navy County-class destroyer
HMS Keith (D06) a World War II British Royal Navy B-class destroyer
London Buses route D6, a Transport for London contracted bus route
MGWR Class D6, a Midland Great Western Railway Irish steam locomotive model
PRR D6, an 1881 American steam locomotive model
Roland D.VI, a 1918 German fighter aircraft
SP&S Class D-6, a steam locomotives class
Clavinet D6, an electrophonic keyboard instrument manufactured by the Hohner company
The IATA code for Interair South Africa, an airline based in Johannesburg, South Africa
d6, gaming notation for a six-sided die
In mathematics, D6, the dihedral group of order 6
D06, Carcinoma in situ of cervix uteri in ICD-10 code
d6 may refer to the d electron count of a transition metal complex.
D6, common abbreviation for the Yamaha XJ600 Diversion motorcycle.
D-6, codename for the Moscow Metro 2
D6, the first Citroen Dyane designation for Dyane with 602cc engine.

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