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  1. Brovo

    Characters 101: Roles, relationships, combat, and

    Note: Keep in mind, this is tailored for role plays, not literature! What makes a good character for a player dealing with other players and a GM isn't always true for a single author tale and vice versa! Special thanks to people who attend my roasts: They're in a Skype group and are too...
  2. The Rules of Roleplay Fighting and Dumbed-Down Examples

    Turn-based Textual Combat (TB, T1, para), is dependent upon the honesty and integrity of players, as well as their ability to out maneuver their opponents whilst thinking laterally, following a logical course of progression. By this, each player is the sole judge of their character and what...
  3. Astaroth

    RESOURCE Visualizing Combat

    "We write what we know." "We write from life." You've heard these sayings and similar before, I'm sure. It's no wonder, then, that one of the weak points most roleplayers admit to is combat and fight scenes. Most of us have never actually been in the middle of a castle siege, never...