canon divergence (fandom)

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  1. Cairo


  2. Lulunopia

    Fairy Tail: New Age - Characters

    Info Thread | OOC | Character Index WELCOME TO THE CHARACTER INDEX Here all characters will be kept. There will be no OOC chatter here, only characters. Read the character rules in the Info Thread then start creating your character.
  3. AceSorcerer

    Mobile Suit Gundam: Broken Skies The Earth was in ruins. Due to centuries of human recklessness and overpopulation, the humanity was forced to begin large cylindrical habitats known as "exohabitats," which are referred to as "colonies" when in groups five of which were placed...
  4. Lulunopia

    Fairy Tail: New Age

    Info Thread | OOC | Character Index WELCOME TO THE OOC Here will be all chatter regarding the rp or just to get to know each other. Remember to abide by all the rules set in the Info Thread and have fun chatting.
  5. Lulunopia

    Fairy Tail: New Age

    Info Thread | OOC | Character Index This rp is based around the world of Fairy Tail but, will contain none of the original plot and characters. Life as a wizard in Fiore is a dream. As a wizard, you find it your duty to learn and gain more magical knowledge, while helping those around you with...
  6. Gands

    E.M. New York

    If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. There are more Meta humans in NYC than anywhere else. More disasters involving meta humans than you can safely count. New York city needs it's heroes. New York city Needs You ! Look into joining Epic Mashup...
  7. Lulunopia

    Fairy Tail: New Age

    Life as a wizard in Fiore is a dream. As a wizard, you find it your duty to learn and gain more magical knowledge, while helping those around you with task a human might find difficult to complete themselves. Up until this moment, you were a guildless wizard, one without a home or emblem. As...
  8. Gands

    EM Metropolis

    Metropolis. The city most held up to symbolize the American dream. Liberty and Independence, Delaware's motto. Held tightly to by Metropolisians (or Metropolites, the terms are in about equal use). A city shaped by its savior, Superman. A symbol of how one man can accomplish anything, and do the...
  9. LuckycoolHawk9

    E.M National City Freeplay

    This, is National City. Home of CatCo Worldwide Media, West area LuthorCorp, Lord Technologies among other things. National City is a bustling city that lies between Los Angeles and San Diego along the coast of California, and home to several million people. Of course, strange things seem to...
  10. Gands

    E.M. Gotham City

    Gotham City. Since everything changed, it went from being just another crime-infested pit of a city to being the capital of New Jersey - and still crime-infested. Only difference now, is some people get paid by the government to add to that infestation. Politicians. People who think that because...
  11. Gands

    E.M Los Angeles Freeplay

    Los Angeles City of dreams, City of nightmares and everything in between. If you'd like to post here, please join the Epic Mashup clan, claim a cannon character or make your own oc and get started.
  12. Draugvan

    Shadows in the Streets (IC)

    @Moogle-Girl @Lady Turquoise Heart @Vaykalin Bloodbane A moist thud and a shuffle can be heard on one particularly still moment the eve of Sunday night. The air is still enough here that one could make out soft shifting of tides on the River Thames to the west, and the creaking of merchant boats...
  13. Draugvan

    Shadows in the Streets (OOC)

    [JUSTIFY]This is a group fandom rp based on the pick-your-path novel "Footsteps in the Fog". This thread is for OOC discussion regarding the events in the story. In order to more tightly manage turn order and in-character decision-making, and to impress upon players the importance of timely...
  14. Draugvan

    Shadows in the Streets (Sign Ups)

    This is a group fandom rp based on the pick-your-path novel "Footsteps in the Fog". The roleplay itself will be heavily reasoning and discussion based, so in-depth character sheets are not recommended. As well because this is technically a murder-style roleplay, I urge the player not to put too...
  15. Draugvan

    "Footsteps in the Fog" interest check

    "Footsteps in the Fog" was a pick-your-path novel I had in my childhood. I remember my mother had written the sequence of right choices as a footnote in the back. It was a story set in victorian London, focusing on you the detective attempting to chase an intelligent villain always only...
  16. S

    Dual RP Thread

    I'm unsure of how to word this. It's kind of an odd approach to roleplaying I admit. Anyway I've always been a fan of dual roleplays. As in my side is different from my partners. Why is that? Well honestly I view it as the fairest form of roleplaying. Both my partner, and I get full, creative...
  17. VanceXentan

    Fire Emblem Fates - The Ocean's Silent Waves - What If Scenario - Semi-Canon Roleplay

    Before anything I just want to prevent anyone from wasting their time. There will be canon characters but all will be regulated to NPC's. Nohr, Hoshido, Nestra, Izumo, and Cheve will all get respective overhauls in personal customs that are not present in the series. Nothing too out of left...
  18. AceSorcerer

    Halo: The Wrath of the Faithful (Rise of the SPARTAN-Vs), Reimagined Idea

    The year is 2613, and the United Nations Space Command has just deployed its latest breed of super-soldier: the SPARTAN-V. Born from necessity after a galactic civil war known as the Great Slipspace War, the candidates for the project were taken as children from selected families and replaced...
  19. Midnight Maiden

    RWBY: When Darkness Descends(IC)

    Prologue; A Long Ride So. Remnant. We've all heard of it, right? Composed of Vacuo, Atlas, Mistral, Vale, it's primary power source being that of dust, which pretty much everything nowadays can be run on. Man and Faunus alike filling the place to the brim, creating great things and working...
  20. tastygoldentaters

    Final Fantasy VII (and one idea for FFVI)

    Hello there, everyone! I’m tastygoldentaters (call me Taters if you want to), and I’ve got some serious Final Fantasy cravings. Let me be more specific: I’m craving ANYTHING related to FFVII, and one specific scenario for FFVI. But before we get into details of scenarios and pairings, let me...