Based on or borrowing elements from the Bleach anime/manga.
  1. mango

    Beyond Flesh (Bleach)

  2. H

    Bleach RP, Anyone?

    Introduction Hey there! You can call me Mint/Minty. I started roleplaying about...I'd have to say five or six years ago? As things are now, it's been a while (with sporadic bursts of roleplaying every once in a while), but I've decided I want to get back to it, since it was something that I...
  3. D

    Bleach: Soul Force (OnexOne Private RP with BlueFl

    Natalie Inoue was sitting in her chair while class went on. She had her eyes closed as the teacher talked, almost drifting off into sleep. Her long burnt orange hair was drooping over her face as she hunched forward, her busty bosom pressing into the school desk, She was the daughter of Ichigo...
  4. D

    Bleach RP Interest Check

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if there's anyone else out there that wouldn't mind doing a Bleach RP with me. I love the series and always wanted to do a successful RP of it. I'm trying to find a partner that won't just drop it, haha. I have a couple of plots in mind, all of which do involve...
  5. D

    Bleach RP Interest Check (Redstar Edition)

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if there's anyone else out there that wouldn't mind doing a Bleach RP with some Redstar elements. I have a couple of plots in mind, all of which do involve the canon characters in some way as well as room for original characters. For example, my OC is Natalie...
  6. Tarieles

    Tari Wants to Try 1x1

    Hey Ho Everyone! I am Tari, and some of you might even know me! I'm generally into group RPs, but I want to try 1x1 for a bit. I have tried it before, but my first one was a flop and the second one fizzled when my life went to heck. So I'm searching again! Firstly, a few guidelines for anyone...
  7. mango

    Work In Progress.

    Michiko "Chi; Chinki; Duchess" Chiura 19; Female willowy, lanky, subtly curved, light weight. Ivory skin, thick lashes, ashy blonde hair. {slide=Personality|center} They call her duchess for many reasons. A sassy, uncommitted flirt who compensates for her tendency to demand with...
  8. D

    A Possible Bleach RP?

    Hey there. Doctor Freak here! I have a few ideas in mind for a Bleach RP, though I was wondering if anyone would be interested. I only know up to the Fullbring arc's ending, so I would not know much about the Thousand Year Blood War arc. I do have an OC I wish to use, but it's not entirely...
  9. Multi

    Bleach: A New Beginning

    10 years... 10 Years since the Soul Society fell to an unknown source. Ichigo and his friends, the original Gotei 13, the original Onmitsukaido, and every other person of note had fell to this unknown source, dead or dying. And Now, 10 years later, a new Soul Society has been created. This one...
  10. Multi

    Bleach: A New Beginning

    IC THREAD Plot The year is 2018, and just ten years prior the Soul Society fell to an unknown force. The Soul King and his guard, including any forces he could find, went to combat the source that had attacked them, but they too, fell to it. Now, 10 years later, the Soul Society has been...
  11. K

    BLEACH: The Three Worlds

    OOC: OPEN SIGNUPS - BLEACH: The Three Worlds Since the start the shinigami have battled the hollows to protect the souls of humanity that exist on earth while the hollows sought to nourish themselves with these very same souls. It was a balance that worked with humanity none the wiser and it...
  12. mango

    Come live an 80's movie with me.

    Breakfast Club, Dirty Dancing, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Weird Science, Pump up the Volume, Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Have you seen them? Do you love them? Think our generation can suck it and the older eras were better? Then let's write together. We'll mix and match, alternate or start...
  13. K

    BLEACH: The Three Worlds

    The soul king is dead and the afterlife is in disarray no one knows what killed the soul king but the aftermath is apparent as the barriers that separated the three worlds has deteriorated to a point where souls, shinigami and hollows are able to cross into any of the other worlds without...
  14. mango

    Macabre (Rae&Sami)

    Work In Progress. @Sami
  15. K

    BLEACH: The Three Worlds

    What to expect This roleplay is based in the canon world of bleach, if you haven't watched the series then we strongly recommend at least looking up some videos about it to get at least a idea of what it is. I paired up with @Dakota K5 to make this roleplay. The plot has room to change so if you...
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    Down below.
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  18. mango

    (Rei&Sev) (closed/private)

    It wasn't unusual for Kurosaki to miss school. Some days Kon covered for him, though that was risky in itself and the ginger didn't like to take the chance of his reputation being ruined - honestly with an attendance record like his, Ishida was surprised his ally hadn't gotten into some kind of...
  19. Graceful Assassin

    Bleach Soul Academy

    Okay I wanted to put out this plot see how much interest it gathered and if it's worth getting a thread for it going. This is AU the Quincy War occurred During the Arrancar Arc. the Stern Ritter army came with a bitter grudge caused by thousands of years worth of countless slaughter of their...
  20. Akashi

    Bleach: Anarchy (IC)

    As beautiful as ever. The Soul Society, and its capital, the Seireitei was in a good state, and had been in one for quite some time. These were peaceful times, despite the usual occurences by the Hollows both in the outer Rukongai and in the World of the Living. The Gotei 13 was occupied with...