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  1. MiMfiE

    The ::House Was AwAkE With ///Shadows/// & Monsters {post-apocalyptic, vampires, angels}

    'Please do not feed the birds. It encourages them to come inside.' A breath of amusement stirs the air. The birds are all that lend life to this place now. There is something childishly, revoltingly cute about it all. Humans, thinking they alone can lay claim to a place and banish the wild...
  2. Dante

    Multiple Ideas! Return to Iwaku

    Hello everyone! It has been quite awhile since I have done any writing here on Iwaku or much writing at all really in a group setting but I am hoping to jump back into things head first. I have quite a few ideas so I gathered some of my favorites I am more eager to play and wanted to see which...
  3. moth girlfriend

    Craving Some Good Ol' Demon-Angel stuff

    Hi. I have this massive addiction. I. love. Heaven & Hell. Roleplays. I could roleplay demons and angels for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What I'm looking for is a real good 1-on-1 (or a very small group, if you've got friends) roleplay. I want to go IN DEPTH. I want a nice delicious plot, I...