ancient world

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Taking place in or heavily influenced by the events, social behaviors, and/or fashion of ancient civilizations- particularly Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient China.
  1. Bees

    Bean's Other First Thread

    Hi all, I'm Bean. I know the name is a bit vague because I can be a bit vague. So it's kind of fun, at least for me. Anyways, I am here to sort of introduce myself and look for a partner or two. I did fill out some of the roleplay resume so please see that if you want, it can explain some...
  2. P

    Poppet is Prowling for Partners!

    《《Welcome!》》 1x1, Non-Star, Partner Search Poppet is Prowling for Partners! ×YOU ARE HERE× 1x1, Red-Star, Partner Search *TO BE ANNOUNCED* Group, Non-Star, Seeking Invites *TO BE ANNOUNCED* Group, Red-Star, Partner Search *TO BE ANNOUNCED* Call me Poppet, call me Poppy, just don't call me...
  3. DarinValore

    The Tales of Aikanah

    Here's to my first group thread. I am nervous about posting this but here it goes. Plot: Since the Elemental War 427 years ago, peace has flourished under the leadership of the Covenant, five of the most powerful magi in all the land. Under their guidance, five families have risen to power...
  4. Chris_Reaper

    The Seven Dreaded (Sword & Sorcery RP)

    The Great Lands of Khartouma are fraught with hardship, strife and war. Split among the sands are small kingdoms and tribes...but at the heart of it all is the Empire Of Argos. In legend it is known as the birthplace of civilization itself. To the outlying realms it goes by many names..."Eye Of...
  5. Stheno

    Offering to the gods sxm/mxm

    heres the base plot: My character is an ancient god worshipped by countless countries. The god has been angered ( will discuss with partner how) and so those who angered him have to make a payment. They round up the most beautiful maidens for the god to choose from But he chooses one who was...
  6. Mowkie

    Interest & Ideas - Dragon Rider RP

    *Please Note: Original Artwork & Font Face are NOT MINE - Only the filtering & Font Blending* Heya! I'm Mowkie, and last year, I had attempted to run a full-scale dragon rider role play on my own world, Partheus. However, due to time constraints and players losing interest, I had to shut it...
  7. UniqueChance

    Chasing new roleplays!

    Current Cravings Fantasy Elder Scrolls Fallout A little something about me I live in the UK, so exist within the GMT time zone. I'm currently sitting at 40+ hours in The Long Dark and still can't handle interloper. I'm now going through university so if I don't reply, just understand...
  8. Crow

    Princess Cronus or Ragnarok Girls?

    Alright, if you're highly sensitive to majestic (or fiendish, if you're an Olympian or Asgardian person) celestial beings being turned into cute little (or big) girls, I suggest you turn away. That way. That's the Bifrost. It's really, really shiny. Now, I've been wanting to make a little...
  9. A

    Dawn of the Dragons RP

    Rating: L2 S2 V3 Over a dozen elemental dragon breeds to choose from with an unlimited character count! Site is fairly new so you haven't missed too much. RP community suitable for both teens and adults only. "Will history repeat itself and dragons...
  10. RestlessComfort

    Vengeance of the Void

    Hello all! My name is Noah and welcome to the interest check for "Vengeance of the Void." With some Skyrim and Game of Thrones inspirations, this roleplay tells the story of 7 citizens of the Kingdom of Aoedien. The High King has called upon the 7 provinces of Aoedien to gather all their best...
  11. Resoan

    Looking for M/F, F/F, & Futa/F RPs

    Hello! I'm currently looking for smut-heavy/smut-centric RPs, though of course they don't have to lack a plot by any means; whether they do or they don't doesn't matter all that much to me. Diving right in, here's a small list of criteria I'm looking for in a partner: Able to respond...
  12. Zyxis Ouroboros ReArchtype

    Beyond Your Expectations (Info, Signups, and OOC chat)

    Character Sheet Name: Level: 70 Race: Age: 17 Title: (None at creation) Blessings: (None at creation) Rank: Uncommon Primary Job: Secondary Job: Tertiary Job: Classes: (Min.3 Max.7) Alignments:(Max. 2) Strength: 5 Intelligence: 5 Vitality: 5 Constitution: 5 Wisdom: 5 Endurance...
  13. Zyxis Ouroboros ReArchtype

    Beyond Your Expectations

    I'm going to skip my awkward introduction to this story and actually put in some necessary lore which might interest people. I hope. Panikai, a world that has been at the center of so much in the past, is now going to be the place to begin a story of epic proportions that will encompass more...
  14. Almalthia

    Yay the selling of one's self via post...

    Okay here we go... Female looking for male partner for role playing. I'm not afraid of libertine but also don't mind not playing it. I like playing characters that are close to my age than father from my age unless the plot calls for it. Most of my characters are in their 20's and redheaded...
  15. IntrusivePenDesperateSword

    The Forbidden Desert: Dunes of Desolation

    "Gear up for a thrilling adventure to recover a legendary flying machine buried deep in the ruins of an ancient desert city. You'll need to coordinate with your teammates and use every available r]esource if you hope to survive the scorching heat and relentless sandstorm. Find the flying machine...
  16. Legens Legentis

    Primal Rage: Wrath of the Old Gods

    {slide=Scroll #1}{/slide} {slide=Scroll #2}{/slide} {slide=Scroll #3}{/slide} {slide=Scroll #4}{/slide} {slide=Scroll #5}{/slide} {slide=Scroll #6}{/slide} {slide=Scroll #7}{/slide} One thousand years have passed since The Cataclysms. Humanity has been reduced to a primitive...
  17. Pasi

    Blood Wars

    History Past-Ancient Greece It's known that there is obsession with Vampires, just as there is one with Gods. But did you know that the History of Vampires originate from the Gods?The first vampire started out as not a vampire at all, but as a human man named Ambrogio. He was an Italian-born...
  18. Cerulean

    Pathfinder: Arena IC

    OOC: OPEN SIGNUPS - Pathfinder: Arena -Realm of the Mammoth Lords- The barbaric cold nestled into the caravan's bones. It was matched only by the crunch of...
  19. Pasi

    Blood Wars

    History Past-Ancient Greece It's known that there is obsession with Vampires, just as there is one with Gods. But did you know that the History of Vampires originate from the Gods?The first vampire started out as not a vampire at all, but as a human man named Ambrogio. He was an Italian-born...
  20. Cerulean

    Pathfinder: Arena

    IC: OPEN SIGNUPS - Pathfinder: Arena IC If you have any questions, feel free to ask.