age difference

Containing sexual or romantic situations between characters who are more than four years apart in age OR between a legal adult and a character under 18.
  1. QueenObscure

    A Princess and her Alchemist (Rat Anthro/Hybrid Tale)

    A Princess and Her Alchemist ( An Anthro x Hybrid Tale) A tale of forbidden love between a Princess, and a Royal Alchemist. That begun has a questionable friendship, from onlookers. The two fear their true feelings will end up endangering/hurting the other. Because of this they hide their true...
  2. Sen

    Embers (Hana ✗ Sen)

    EMBERS [slide] [slide] [slide] Original Coding: Hana. Welcome to Phantisamine. Nicknamed the hottest place in Hell, it certainly lives up to it. A place where lava runs free on the dried, seemingly dead plains. All you can see from a glance are a sea of red and tall rocks...
  3. Hana

    Broken Contracts (Hana ✗ Sen)

    BROKEN CONTRACTS [slide] [slide] [slide] Original Coding: Hana.