age difference

Containing sexual or romantic situations between characters who are more than four years apart in age OR between a legal adult and a character under 18.
  1. H

    Seeking Doms

    Hello! You may call me Hawke or Jessica. I'm a young woman who's been roleplaying for roughly eight years. I'm online frequently enough to offer daily replies. I'm good with roleplays taking place in threads or private conversations, whichever my partner prefers. I'm pretty flexible concerning...
  2. Kat

    Build Me a Castle (w/ LogicfromLogic)

    The sun beat down on the back of her neck, warming up her body as she walked out to the car. Her five year old daughter scurried along and was already waiting for her by the time she got to the driver's side. "You're a fast tyke, aren't ya?" she praised, unlocking the doors. Amberly dove inside...
  3. M

    Play with Muggles

    Hello! Please take a look at my roleplay resume. I play submissive, switch, and dominant characters. I do have a preference for the first two, but I'm generally open-minded. I like age differences, and I do prefer to play the younger character. I'm open to doubling in such situations so that...
  4. MusicalT

    The Night is my Friend (Click Me! :D)

    Hola! I'm back again with another 1x1 request. Here is the premise of the rp: Skylar's family always thought she was a blessing. They named her Skylar because she was as beautiful as the sky, and her mark on the world would be infinite. That was until she got wrapped up in bad influences as a...
  5. R

    The Search For a Partner

    :bouncy:Hello Dolls!:bouncy: My name is |~Rebel~Ninja~|, but please call me anything you would like. I am female though so keep that in mind. Some of my nicknames that friends have given me are Vinny, Vert, or Vinne, but like I said I will respond to anything. I'm going to take a paragraph to...
  6. -{Intoxicated Love}-

    Dom x Sub RP

    Hey Everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone would be interested in either doing a Student and teacher RP or a Slave and Master Rp these would be one x one and I would play a female sub in both Xx
  7. Sen

    Ten Miles of Autumn Leaves 十里秋叶 (Hana ✗ Sen)

    romance // eastern // feudal // mxf // religious themes @Hana and @Sen] ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: Hakumei Kaishi Unease stirs throughout the country of Yamato. East and West are torn apart by a war among the lords who desire the fertile and untouched lands, while the kami grow restless as more...
  8. I

    A Call To Scavenge With ICYSTORM

    There shouldn't have been a need to rush. No need to push his way through the early morning crowd. After all, the city system is the way of the future. The new world order designed to maximize world efficiency. However, in a world that values efficiency, it has no tolerance for those who bring...
  9. Hana

    Vampire Knight: The Blood That Binds Us

    The Blood That Binds Us is a post-canon Vampire Knight roleplay. Conceptualized and developed by Hana, the roleplay will feature the supernatural world of Vampire Knight - and go beyond what is seen in the manga. Suspense will be rife in the glamorous and mystical world of the vampires, the...
  10. neptune

    I'm (mostly) Fandom Trash!

    Hello and welcome to my thread! I've recently had some drops and other threads that have slowed down, and since I have all these fandom cravings (and a few original cravings as well), I thought I'd post a new search. This is not a first come first serve thing, so just be warned because I don't...
  11. Hana

    VAMPIRE KNIGHT - The Blood That Binds Us (1 SLOT)

    A thousand years has passed since the events of Vampire Knight. For the past millenia, the Pureblood Princess Yuuki Kuran has instated a new reign and new laws for the world of the vampires. Through the agreement of the other Pureblood clans, a new system was born. Every century, a new...
  12. Poetic♥Night

    Extremely Bored & Need a Roleplay

    Hi! I'm Shade! I've been on this site for a while. Anyway, I'm really bored and want to roleplay. Message me for all the details. I ONLY play female unless it is male side characters that are only in a few posts. Here are a few of my pairings: Arranged Marriage Daddy x daughter Brother x...
  13. F

    Searching For Role Play Partners {FxM, MxM, FxF}

    Hello, I'm looking for some new role plays. I'm fine with slice of life, supernatural, and so on. I have mostly male muses, but I also play as female muses so I'm perfectly fine with role playing either or. I play versatile characters, so whether someone wants to be top or bottom is fine. I'm...
  14. The Mood is Write

    A Sensational Set of Several Scenarios (Updated Feb 10)

    The Call of the Wordbinder Hello! I'm Moody, but you can also call me Modwri, if you prefer. I am twenty-seven years old and have spent roughly the past dozen years independently studying writing and roleplaying. I live at home with my mother, and during the day I babysit for a family friend...
  15. QueenObscure


    ~ BEFORE WE GO INTO FARTHER, HERE IS MY TOPICAL ROLEPLAY REQUIREMENTS ~ Seeking Older Males expedience roleplayers. I want one on one, ' Hard Core Roleplayers', action. Ones that always need their daily fix, just like I. Who loves to escape reality, by entering their own words. Or ones wishing...
  16. MusicalT

    Just One Night - OOC and SIGNUPS

    Hi guys! MusicalT here! I'm back, hoping to revive this roleplay.Whenever I did this before, it got off the ground but never really took flight, so I'm hoping to try it again and hopefully have it the way I wanted to begin with! ■This rp can be mature or clean! It doesn't matter to me (your...
  17. A

    Keeps on searching (MxF)

    Fandoms Teen Titans (Original) Mortal Kombat Soul Eater Fiary Tale Adventure time Pokemon Beauty and the Beast Lady and the Tramp Little Mermaid The Lion King Kingdom Hearts The Mortal Instruments Strange Angels (Series) Harry Potter DC Comics Marvel How to Train Your Dragon Lilo and...
  18. A

    MxF life long friend and partner needed

    I'm just looking for a new partner whom does Original fandoms or with original character's, Paranormal romance and Slice of life (Adults only)
  19. I

    Constantly Searching For New Rps

    Welcome My Princess ι'm vanessa αnd ι'm nιneteen yeαrs old from sunny cαlιforιinα, ι'm a college student who volunteer's a lot so my schedule mιght seem a bιt crazy at tιmes. ♡ мy schedule is as follows. monday: 11am - 9pm tuesday: All Day Expect from 1pm-3pm wednesday: All Day Expect from...
  20. AkikoYukito

    A Partner Search

    Hello, and welcome to my search thread. I'm going to get right to the point here and lay a few things down for you before we get to the important stuff: Things to Note: I am an Adaptable role player. I write in third-person point of view, past tense, as should you. You should have...